Twitter As Business Tool

Twitter has been one of social tools more intriguing and useful on the Internet the last 3 years, and still, inevitably, come to me frequently asked questions that how viable could be as a business tool. After all, the premise is incredibly simple to the point of killing the creativity needed in a good business campaign. But, like any good tool, the important thing with Twitter is as you use it, not as it was designed. I must admit that at first Twitter found me little impressive. Listening to people and I assumed that it was another tool that young people had been listed as the next big hit. Of course, like everyone else, jump on board when there were more than 100 million people using it.

And to my surprise, I discovered that Twitter is actually an extraordinary business tool. I’ve used it to get in touch with potential prospects and customers, support and service to readers, keep me aware of my web sites while I am out of the Office, and up to connect with people like never before imagined me. But that holds for the future? Twitter executives are hiring people like there’s no tomorrow and new facets have been announced since the beginning of 2010, so Twitter is positioned to become more than a social tool with uses for business. Twitter advertising has been installing an advertising for the last 18 months, that apparatus when ready, users will be able to invest and thus appear in front of millions of users. As the advertising portal for Facebook, Twitter advertising will need a lot more than just your product and a cheap copy of a brochure. You need to connect with readers, comment, discuss, etc. But, will be interesting to see that big could be Twitter once you start to MONETIZE.

Videos and images for a long time the Tweets have been devoted to short links to images and videos from other sites. Soon, Twitter began to offer the ability to upload videos, enabling users to participate in a multimedia conversation with its readers from anywhere at any time. Now add the immensely effective world of mobile applications for Android, IOS and Blackberry, and you will have the perfect recipe to keep your customers connected via Twitter. Advanced search the Twitter search option is pretty good, but can always be improved. People in search of products, recommendations, local businesses, or services used by friends will be an advanced search on Twitter. No matter how many functions you have Twitter, the issue number one that has made this social tool as useful for business is the ingenuity of its users. You need to show creativity and enthusiasm necessary to push this medium to a new level of utility to you and your customers. That means more than telling your followers, you should connect with them, understand their needs and offer solutions. Now I’m incredibly excited to see who brings the next generation of tools on Twitter. But until then, I’m going back to what It has and will continue to run always good interaction with my readers.