United States Million

Consume 20 million barrels a day (5 causes), and it is estimated that in 2025, along with China, they will consume 35% of the reserve in the world. See Northern concern : in 1970 the United States produced from their own harvest more than 10 million barrels a day; today is barely 5. They have reserves in the order of 16 billion, and it consumes annually 7.3 billion, i.e. two approximate years of subsistence. Daily swallow 19 million barrels and, as I told you, produces 5! m they knew since the middle of last century and before when unusually developed its industrial unit, took geo-strategic forecasts; Today they have to recover the investment. Who dares, ergo, to bet that there will be no war? Already in Iraq maintain presence and They ensure a high percentage of regional conquest, more than arguya that the war a fiasco, was according to the country is a mess and there is no security for optimal extraction of hydrocarbons. But such is the plan! Do there? by principle? a pacified country taken over by the United States (Japan, perhaps, at such a high price), given that the doctrine of domain is not exactly peace but the State arsonist of the capsizing.

This permanently authorizes the imperial intervention and maintains weakness to the attachment object. That is, the Machiavellian doctrine in situ and in vivo. Once left clear the voracity and the extremo-dependencia energy of the United States, the other factor to consider is Zionism which has different positioned in the apparatus of political and economic power of the country, to the extent that employees of the CIA, to speak of a significant level of expression, they complain that they have become an operational Appendix to Mossad. beyond, even to you keep an eye on the structures the U.S. Government, will notice that the instances are taken over by personalities and officials who do not seem to hesitate to consider Israel as a sort of historical homeland, towards whose ara obscures the oath of Allegiance due to us.