Urban Forum

Leading professionals Russia disassemble, what good to the winning sites, why they won, what are the drawbacks. Here, Alphabet Inc. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. They also discuss the latest innovations in the field of Internet technologies that are already being used in capitals to promote companies. More information is housed here: JPMorgan Chase & Co.. All of this will happen in the second Urban Forum "City of Tomorrow." How interesting Internet technology while working Realtors in the secondary market, where customers – the most common people? I worked for four years just to apartments on the Internet, there has its own nuances, its own technology to build relations with the client, but nevertheless, if there is a clearly articulated the company's management problem, they will work effectively. But the Internet has not yet become widespread … I think that these technologies are applicable to any business, you only need to consider how to properly and competently do so.

Must be interested in people, the person concerned, not to appoint the top, but you can tell, by vocation, who twirl and "Internet resource." Need to educate those people who would like to use it in their work. And one of the goals of the contest – spread the "virus" of the Internet throughout Siberia. Infect and executives, and employees, and advertisers. Real estate, architecture, design are inextricably linked. Our competition will involve more than just realtors, but also architects, designers and builders.

There is also nominated for best promo-site property. This may be sites of houses, construction sites, shopping complexes. If you look at the day after tomorrow, will there be something other than Internet? Although it is clear that each year the Internet market will evolve just catastrophic, I think that will remain, and printing media, they can not die.