Warren Bennis

Head is that one that she knows what she wants, and she carries through, and also that one that makes to know, to want and to carry through. Head is, knows, of, what she wants, Head is that one that she knows to become to obey and at the same time to become to love. He is not that one that imposes; but that one that if imposes. To command men, he has that to know to give itself. To be head is not only to make a workmanship: it is, over all to make men, to conquer them, uniz them; to love them and to be loved by them. Saint-Exupry, in ' ' Terre DES Hommes' ' , it says: ' ' The largeness of a function is perhaps, before everything, in joining homens' '. The assertion is particularly true, when applied to the function of the head.

To lead is to make with that the people want to make something. IT IS POSSIBLE TO LEARN TO BE LEADER? Warren Bennis, the most respected of the scholars of leadership, wrote a classic on the subject, As if To become a Leader. Bennis says that the leaders are people with capacity to express itself fully. ' ' They also know what they want, why want and as to communicate this to excessively, in order to get the cooperation and the support of them ' ' , Bennis says. That is, to know to communicate itself with its colleagues already is a great step for who inhales to the leadership of the group. But this is alone the start. It is prepared to work very. It is impossible to be leader without knowing what all more than. The necessary leader to be respected professionally. The head, of that we are accustomed to find in any office, also can be respected by its capacities and knowledge technician.