West Clinic

Error 9. Insufficient attention to prevention traditional fear of the dentist resulted in the fact that patients are trying to come to the clinic as little as possible. Usually, the appearance of symptoms. In the West, quite the opposite. Most Americans are constantly monitoring the condition of the oral cavity twice a year visit the doctor hygienist for removal of dental plaque and other preventive procedures. This practice begins with the age of five. Although demand for hygiene services at the present time is minimal, it should be noted that the situation is changing, and those clinics, which will work competently with patients who receive high and stable income in this area of services. To do this, invest in the provision of training for oral health, dietary recommendations, the selection of funds for the care of the oral cavity.

Error 10. Passive relation to the patient is usually considered the clinic visit the patient as a single and independent. But this profound lack of understanding the psychology of the patient. The patient wants to dentists, so to speak, "thought for him." It means that the initiative must come from a visit to the clinic. Once the patient arrived, he conducted a full examination of the mouth and assigned a treatment plan and preventative health maintenance. And then patient receives regular mail invitation to routine inspection or preventive maintenance. Maintaining oral in excellent condition, especially in the elderly, requires the efforts of doctors of different specialties.

It is necessary to coordinate the efforts of these physicians in the same direction. So there must be a physician who is assigned to the patient ("family doctor"), and he directs the entire course of treatment. The clinic provides patient information materials, procedures, recommends certain aesthetic procedures. The same applies to all family members. This practice already exists for decades in the West. Patients are sent regular postcards invitations, organize special family visits, get a special "family" accounts for payment. Faceless in a standard patient clinic in a family clinic is a welcome guest. It is called by name, remember his treatment, follow developments, recommend that certain procedures on the basis of individual characteristics. Statistics show that family clinics, patients rarely turn to other clinics. Therefore, the high cost of organizing a family clinic will pay a constant stream of patients over many years. More discussion of these errors, and other techniques to increase profitability of a dental clinic, we will consider the free online training 'How to open a dental clinic':