Non-standard Exhibition Stands

Mobile exhibition stands – it's your one-stop assistant during various promotional events. The main advantage of mobile structures are: Exhibition design and construction – is that inspires us. Awards from the organizers, thank customers – a worthy objective, and evaluation of our work. The number of completed projects can hardly be counted. But we do know: each booth, constructed by our company – is an individual, exclusive work. This work is finding a balance between functionality and aesthetics, between individuality and recognizable among fashion trends and good tradition.

This is what we love. This design and construction of exhibition stands. Stoimost.Kak typically design-project of exhibition stand for free after we prepare a detailed requirements specification and clarify all ambiguities. The cost of the actual construction of the stand is made up of several components. Easy assembly Easy transport and storage Always ready for any event Modularity (The ability to quickly change the configuration of the stand, building up or removing the unit cell) Savings in exhibition events at the expense of repeated use Can be used as the entire exhibition exposure to the complex and its individual components Ability to attract attention through the use of bright fotopoloten Mobile stands Pop-Up Using a mobile exhibition stands Pop-Up, or 'umbrella' stands allows you to maximize attract attention at the expense of a custom surround the appearance of design is the ideal tool for working on the exhibition. Properly developed design images will help create a positive image-representation of your company's mobile tablet stands Fold-Up If you need to focus on different areas of your company or provide information on leading headings, then the best option is to use a mobile stand Fold-Up, which is a collapsible frame construction Tablet (shirmovogo) Small mobile displays such as small mobile stands, or stands of 'economy class' – the most popular type of mobile stands. Attractive appearance, small size, light weight, ease of assembly and easy transportation make this construction of the universal, it can serve as an additional element of the exposition (booth), and an independent advertising information carrier, which has been successfully used in trading rooms, offices, outreach activities during the PR-campaigns, and presentations. Racks, promotional counter, counter-reception Promostoyka – mobile design that is used in advertising campaigns, promotions and presentations.

Rack-reception – this is fast-table, front part of which is designed to accommodate advertising. Truss designer Joker during design and construction of exclusive exhibition stands with great success constructor-based systems JOKER (modular designer). The basis of design are single metal chrome-plated tubes, the combination of several pipes forming module. Our company is ready to promptly and accurately to fulfill your order of any complexity, as well as provide a complete set of documents for the production of construction work. You will always be able to advise on the design of design, manufacture, installation exhibition structures, related materials and equipment rental and construction of the stands your personal manager Natalie (8-926-316-92-33)

Paying More Attention

General information and basic considerations of domestic enterprises, particularly SMEs, have much neglected the effective function of markets, by absence of a marketing management, Department, which favors in satisfaction of the needs of its consumers, as well as the definition of strategic plans with the reality of the consumer behaviour, especially of the Venezuelan who is atypical and is influenced by stimuli of imitation, achievement of status, recognition, satisfaction of artificial needs, manipulation, persuasion, among others. There is a lack of culture of consumers and in this regard, the companies have done very little to educate them. Hence, the Venezuelan is easy prey of the advertising media that have significantly influenced his behavior, affecting them and causing them serious problems in the acquisition of products that really satisfied her needs and many times, some act as destabilizing social, causing the increase of violence, insecurity, theft in order to buy some products from certain brands that allow them recognition, social status, as in the case of certain sports footwear, shirts, cars among others. Many managers, especially those in marketing, have not understood that understand and manage the behavior of consumers is good business, guarantee of conquest, persuasion, must give way to the strategic actions that will ensure their conquest. A basic concept of marketing sets there are brands to consumers needs.

These only needs can be satisfied to the extent that marketers understand people to organizations that use goods and services that are trying to sell them, and to do so better than competitors. The response of consumers is the last test to determine whether a marketing strategy will be successful or not. Thus, the knowledge of consumers is incorporated virtually in every facet of a marketing plan successful. Data on consumers to help marketers define a market and identify threats and opportunities in their own country, or in others that affect the way in which consumers give host product.