One Two

The most famous rock band from Ireland and one of the most consolidated on the international music scene. While were born as a small group of his homeland, the commitment that its members, Bono, lead singer and guitarist, The Edge, guitarist, keyboard and vocals, Adam Clayton, were low, and Larry Mullen Jr., drums and percussion, he made that they were gradually making a hole in the difficult world of music. The quality of his lyrics, sound of melodies and interpretative force of all of them got that millions of people around the world were followers of the group, which was born as a claim to an announcement that the battery put in the newspaper. You never know how things may arise and, in the majority of occasions, life gives so many twists and so many unexpected surprises that we never know where it will lead us. As happened to these Irish guys, who never would have thought of at first in that would become the band’s highest-paid music from around the globe. His concerts always they are full of fans who make endless queues to see and hear their idols closely. However, get tickets to enjoy their live shows is often a real Odyssey.

Therefore, if you don’t want to miss out, it’s better you espabiles and you’re aware of the date of sale. So it poses a great problem, a system that will allow you to get your tickets with astounding ease you put at the fingertips (enters tickets u2 to prove the date of their upcoming concerts). For general information, visit tickets sale and see all the shows that will take place in Spain.

Don Quixote

One possibility that occurs to me is that browsers submit each month a report which can then be distributed by all the companies already on paper already by email. Such work should reach from the maximum steering more novice technician so everyone is at least in a same wave width. Thousands can be covered aspects: important news about our sectorr things that happen in other sectors and that could enforce us books that have come out and should take a look. Summaries of the books that I have read, that could be useful, and I know that neither of cona gonna read because you never have time. Posts from blogs that might be useful (if also dare to follow the blog). Places which people which should be followed other paths should go where to explore information at will (such books collection, such organization, such people or country.) Conclusions: Summary of scan + ideas and trends located (this would be the most important part of the report) I believe that these documents would be very powerful as a laboratory of ideas. Obviously it would not be like the pig that it leverages everything, but some knowledge would be transferred to the people and would be latent.

As they would be hung on the Internet always we could retrieve them later to rescue this good idea that looks where, a year ago we suggested the company Explorer and now do see you the utility. Total, watch that Don Quixote is fat, and we do not stop to get quotes and wisdom. And we have been already five centuries. This browser, or team of explorers, would have to use your imagination, intuition, skills, tools and knowledge to get out of the obvious, and organize and re – organize in multiple ways, in multiple directions, to bring a good hunt for informative pearls with which fill the Treasury of ideas of the company every month. There can escape new products, new creativity that multiply exponentially to be shared in throughout the Organization, the feeling of being more into communion with the world and not centered as ants in small tasks which are not observed by the eye of anyone.

I know that I am proposing a chimera: an employee or team of freed employees engaged in more creative things. And above pay them well. But we are not in the era of innovation? Here you have a good innovative job. So if it exists I don’t think that they receive many resumes.

Law Cooperatives

They must contribute with a percentage on its wage, as we can evidence below in the picture. PICTURE & ndash; Aliquot gradual for INSS SALRIO-DE-CONTRIBUIO (R$) ALIQUOT FOR ENDS OF COLLECT TO THE INSS Up to 1.040, 22 8.00% Of 1.040, 23 up to 1.733, 70 9.00% Of 1.733, 71 up to 3.467, 40 11.00% Source: N 333 of 29 of June of 2010 – D.O.U of 30.06.2010 would carry MPS/MF INSS of the Cooperated Individual Insured As above understood, in if treating to work cooperative, the INSS is happened of a peculiar and inactive amaneira. More which the reason of these two last ones? Unhappyly as measured to restrain this type of cooperative, as much the cooperated ones as the cooperative and the legal entity are obliged to carry through registration next to the Institute. The associated self-employed worker of the cooperative which gives services third, that as Dec. 2.173, of 05/03/97, are obligator insured of the Providence and, as contributing it will be assured by all the benefits.

Thus, according to art. 21, of Law 8,212/91, the aliquot one of contribution of the self-employed worker is of 20%, incident folds the respective wage of contribution. Moreover, Complementary Law 84, of 18/01/96, still prescribes that the imposed contribution the work cooperatives, has a value of 15% of the total of the remunerations or repayments for paid them, referring the rendering of services for self-employeds worker. There it is left to think: This would not be a doble taxation? More, as if of this collection? First, the remuneration of the individual insured filiado the cooperative is decurrent of rendering of services the physical or legal people. Thus, correspondent to the value it paid or credited by the cooperative, the result gotten in the production. Thus, he can yourself be evidenced that the previdencirio incubency of responsibility of the work cooperatives is weighed and that the disinterest of the legislator in keeping in functioning such cooperatives is perceived.

Decoration Of Halls

If you are thinking on how to decorate your home in a way that you of more location or specifically how to decorate a hallway and corridors, here we will give a couple of tips to achieve this. First thing is that there is no reason to keep the same style of design and decoration to the predominant in the rest of the household (e.g. for kitchens here ideas for small kitchens), can take advantage of to give you lived area, colors if you use furniture are suitable to be small to not hinder the traffic over there in the case of confined spaces, or near the doors, something recommended for that location are furniture with various levels of shelves to store your personal belongings or folding so that they occupy very little space, debees take into account proper use of mirrors can help you give more luminosity for example if you put them in front of a window to take advantage of the reflection of light towards the environment and that you a feeling of more space and clarityalso can put pictures to decorate the walls, always using a clear and neutral colours and returning to the lighting you use floor lamps for which indirectly illuminate the area in case of being a space reduced to the contrary can opt to coordinate several of sconces that they illuminate one larger space that can have the corridor or hallway with light artif cial to make it more like the room you’re redecorating.! The use of flowers can be a complementary measure to him a touch of freshness also something very important in this case we recommend using plants and flowers from inside that do not require excessive care. Mon Webmaster and writer Online news