What happens then? Being in direct contact with the iron, the material is subjected to anti-corrosion treatment (galvanized steel), begins to be subjected to the destructive influence of iron, rust and gradually 'death' sticks to the improper, alien cast iron fitting. By itself, cast iron fittings very good and reliable, but its use is desirable to collect the same cast-iron components, or in combination with other homogeneous metals. Additional information is available at Sergey Brin
. For steel, he will not do. We'll talk about fitting in the future, but now let us just say that this simple device is generally better to have in store in the pantry, and in several instances. Are you curious to know how to distinguish iron from steel. This will help you avoid mistakes when selecting pipe without the help of a specialist. So, read and do not panic. Decant the metal, causing your doubts, a few drops of sulfuric acid, following the utter caution.

Wait a moment – three or four minutes – and Wash with water the spot at which kapnuli. In any case, whether steel or iron on the metal will soon tread the characteristic spot. The whole point is, what it will be color. If black, then, before you steel. And rather than tread black spot, the steel is better – a measure of the quality of hardened steel. If the tread is a spot of gray in front of you – a pipe made of iron. Do not be afraid that the stain will ruin the tube, or at least its appearance, no! It is easily washed off with plain water.

Work and Family

As we have seen, the basis of family financial support is the income (money) they get for their work. However, this income may have two destinations: the consumption and savings. Consumption as already mentioned is to acquire goods and services. The rest of the income (money), is intended to save. Now we see possibilities of monetary income: Possible 1: When incomes are many families grow economically.

They eat what they want food and clothes. Access to good social work (health). Invest what is necessary for the proper training and preparation of their children (education). Repairing, expanding or buying your home. Renew or purchase your car. The same applies to the internal elements needed (furniture and electrical goods) are going on vacation (leisure and rest) and demas.Se occur almost every taste.

Possible 2: When incomes are not so many families face the crossroads of having to choose, they can not meet your inquietudes.Alli is to be eligible for consumption and face the disadvantage of that goods can be bought very few. Situation directly related to money income. That is less than 1Intermitted Possible give some tastes. Possible 3: When the monetary income are very few families are facing a very difficult situation. Revenues only reach for food and very little can be no taste ropa.No only meet the basic needs. Possible 4: There are no income (no job). Here families find themselves facing a desperate situation and angustiante.No can not even meet their basic needs. And talking about saving is only possible in the first two cases. The last two situations are, apart from frustrating, really desperate.

National Reserve

Preventing by the action of these advice of workers under shelter of this law and from the sine of the own companies (especially the governmental ones) all type of paralyzation or interruption of the production process is to exile in a phrase the one that probably is the most effective (if not unique one) half of pressure which they have the workers to obtain his vindications and that have been historically, everywhere of the world, (safe in the communist countries that even exist and which they are inflated like globes in " defense of the class obrera" but that much less does not allow the existence of unions and of strikes), the means by which the advances have been obtained that in the matter of legal protection, of labor conditions and wage improvements have been reached. This article finishes " putting the boot in casa" when it insists to the workers who formalize, through these advice, " the active incorporation in the National Reserve, the Territorial Guard and in the voluntary military service for the service social." thus tying to the working-class with the organisms that traditionally have served to limit their action and to repress its protests and so it finishes closing the circle and the padlock putting to the hypothetical leaders and representatives of the working-class under the command of officials of I exercise and of other workers or of civilians But everything is not designed at least, in this project of law, to tie of hands to the union movement and by extension to the working class, Article 8 concerns directly to the companies and is good for reading it with attention and to comment the consequences of its application. The attributions of these advice of workers, according to this article, also are: " to promote and to articulate the diverse basic organizations of the workers and workers in each center of work, with the purpose of to incorporate them in the social control, the management of the process of production and distribution of the goods and services.



I opened my mouth expecting a miracle. Naive, of course, but children are children Working with doors, I transfer some images to the quite real, as embodied by the Italian masters door. Fortunately, old and shabby doors we do not sell. Therefore, the images appear only positive. The door to the fairy tale, a door leading into the summer, the door, opening the way to wealth, the door to the world of knowledge, the door for concealing a mystery A lot of these fairy doors in the collection Ambigua. When they first started, very few people took, so they were a novelty, so they were peculiar. A tree covered with glass.

A glass painted with colors Someone's a fad. Children's drawings on the "adult" subject matter. These doors are very lively. Bright and at the same time easy. Time passed and they found a buyer! Many people do not want that door were transparent. But at the same time, the glass – is light, easy! Possible to buy doors with frosted glass, but it requires more care and does not seem so easy. Frosted glass does not clean, not those of sunshine and not everyone likes it soft, as if subdued light. Externally, it is more cold and refreshing, in something even winter.

And if you want to combine the brilliance of glass and opacity? This Ambigua! Glass with a pattern or without it, all of it brilliant. Maybe you argue that it is enough to buy lacquer doors. But believe me, the effect is different! Glass is glass! Varnish will never give as much shine! At the door Ambigua collection can be viewed as a mirror! Although I personally prefer the door glass. In this collection, they look pretty safe! Completely transparent glass or frosted with bright color patterns. For example, the model with Predisporto glass pioggia! Clear glass, and on it are dark blue and blue drops. And in the very center of the canvas is hidden a small yellow sun. Its luster is transmitted to us through the crystals. Why not a little fairy tale? In the catalog of this collection of mostly shown the door in the classical interiors. And I think that the more often they would show themselves and played in the nursery! For example, the door is all the same model Predisporto, but with glass rombo! Again the sun, only to have stylized. In the center circle of the sun, and from it arrow-snake-rays. It was they who created the diamond. And bright-red rays are scattered pale blue crystals (). A glass bello reminded me of a children's designer. Maybe be a pyramid of cubes? Well, my favorite – a door with glass skala! Blue-blue snowflakes! And then there are mazes, waves, feathers! With a wooden panel and without it (just a glass). And on each canvas vkraplenie crystals. It's like a that the cave-museum ! There, each room – a treasure! And this door, just a hint, an echo of glory. And maybe, the tale somewhere overseas clouds? For the smoked glass nuvoe trasparenti? It curls either smoke, or clouds Riddle and only! Of course, not all doors Ambigua look childish. There is a place for adult fairy tales. Just in my heart she has found just such an echo. Interestingly, the creator of the collection was going to say? What color dreams he personified?



Analysis of the market of divisasEURUSD – Awaiting the important test of 1,3713El Euro it surpassed the resistance specified in the report of Friday of 1.3617, to only reach 1,3681. And after returning to fall until near 1.36, the resistance of 1.3648 returned to enter game, but the most important resistance in these areas is provided by the line of tendency to the loss of 1.3838 that at the moment is of 1,3713. We see that a pause of 1.3648 means that the price will be directed towards the test of more important resistance (1,3713) like immediate goal of this rupture. And if this is also broken, we will go towards the second goal of 1,3810. Ben Horowitz has much to offer in this field. The support is in 1,3589, and if it happens his rupture, any short term reason would not exist to wait for a test of 1,3713. On the contrary, we would be more near a new test of the zone of important support between the loss of Wednesday 1.3450, and the one of the 18 of February 1,3442.

If the Euro breaks the support in 1.3589, the bearish tendency will be started again, aiming at 1.3496 and 1,3442.Soporte: 1,3589: the loss, due to the week opening. 1,3496: low 18 of February. 1,3442: low 19 of February. Resistance: 1,3648: top important intraday. 1,3713: line of tendency to the loss of 1,3838. 1,3810: level of important resistance in the graphs per hour.

Pound Dollar – Far from 1.5315, but it will be in center of attention. Libra broke the support contemplated in the report of Friday of 1.5250, and reached two successfully I put proposals of 1.5187 and .5115. The most important resistance at the moment is 1.5315, which is provided by the line of tendency to the loss of 1.5813 in the graph per hour (as it is in the graphical associate).


German Exports

6876.shtml 6. Siemens profit grew 40% in II quarter … 6835.shtml 7. Kamaz loss in I half-year decreased by 13 times and totaled 124.695 million rubles to the materials company. Moreover, in the second quarter, the company received a net profit of 12.128 million rubles against net loss of $ 136.823 in the first quarter.

RIA "Novosti … 6795.shtml 8. Samsung announced record earnings. The company announced a sharp rise in revenues in the second quarter thanks to demand for smart phones and their components such as memory chips. This is a 83% increase in compared to the same period in 2009 9. Indian car sales grew by 38%. Sales of commercial vehicles also rose by 37% compared to last year. 10.

In Germany, the increased volume of exports. The volume of German exports to June increased, another sign of recovery in Europe's largest economy. More German exports in June rose by 3.8% compared to the previous month and 29% for the year. The main consumers of exports are Asia and other emerging markets. Growth in exports to countries outside Europe by 37% compared to last year, meanwhile, as growth in exports to European countries – only 22%. 11. The new spaceport will be built in the Far East. The government will spend 24.7 billion rubles. Finally, we will stop paying for the physically and morally outdated cosmodrome in Kazakhstan "Baikonur", which we have built, and now pay for his rent. As before, his plus-location almost on the equator. This saves on fuel, during takeoff from Baykanura. The new spaceport will be built near the town of Uglegorsk in the Amur region, near the border with Kitaem.Ego plan to use mainly in civilian purposes. Operation will begin in 2015, Baikonur will be called 'East'. Its construction will be attended by 30 000 specialists. It will be leaner and more efficient "Baikonur" – the biggest and the old spaceport in the world. 12. Supergiant oil Ekskon Mobil went to all his rivals, bringing the quarterly earnings to 7.6 billion dollars. Ekskon ahead of BP and Shell profits. Ekskon, located in Texas, is a much larger and more profitable company than BP, despite the fact that both produces about 4 million barrels a day. As you can see a lot of good news. I wish that at least the good news was in your life and your company! Success and prosperity! Honored Russian businessman Krotov Elena Source – personal website for you to Helen and with respect – Victor Hudson, director of the Bureau 'Vector Realization' – an entrepreneur, analyst and publicist. (Eagle – mushschchina!)