Global Financial Crisis

The crisis that the developed world will affect the markets with recession and scarcity of credit. Companies must adjust their strategic plans to this new scenario. Its main features will be a drop in demand and prices, which companies must improve their offerings to maintain or increase their sales volumes and adjust its cost structure to remain profitable. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Keith McLoughlin . Marketing relational Integral improvement of supply. Faced with a crisis people becomes more cautious at the moment spend, postpones purchases that are not urgent and seeks better prices. This happens both at the individual company level. So far nothing new, only bad news. Executives who want to maintain their sales must adjust prices, improve its offer or a combination of both.

The price reduction is always the least desired strategy. The choice between the other two much depend on the market, demand and the strengths of the company. Of course, ideally improve the offer with a price increase. In some cases This is possible through a reformulation of product or service so that the value perceived by the customer is higher to what you want to collect. One of the functions of the integrated relational Marketing (MRI) is to define the factors that most valued customer and hidden costs which considers at the time of purchase. A buyer makes the following comparison: price + cost of acquisition or product value perceived level of analysis of the customer will depend on significant or expensive that is the product or service to acquire, but in greater or lesser extent the vast majority takes into account these parameters. By acquisition cost is understood as all cost, beyond price, which incurred by the customer, whether monetary or not. For example, the cost of having to learn to use new software is considered in the purchase of these products.

To have a knowledge faithful of them is necessary to cross market and consumer studies, away from the preconceptions of who sells the product for a long time. The word Integral in the MRI aims to detect factors of value and cost in the entire structure of the company. Many customers are lost in very different from the commercial sectors. The perception of value is a highly debated topic. Many specialists only based its analysis on the target segment. The MRI in the evaluation of the offer are considered, among others, to the consumer, the market, the company and the environment. For each offer you possibly have to consider special pricing agents. Conclusion to maintain or increase profitability entrepreneurs will have to better the perception of value of your offer and get the feeling of cost. It is an arduous task especially when has been working like a long time ago and with some success, but the results are worthwhile. Some companies will need to incorporate trained staff or hiring external advice to achieve this. Investment in consulting is usually repays in the short term.


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This means to have joined the safe knowledge, treating the doubt to systematic way. for this two forms are discarded ' ' artificiais' ' to doubt: treated in its higher degree, that is, to doubt everything and not to find no truth and, the practised doubt as something gratuitous, to doubt the things without making use of a care with the proper thought simply (insensato). In such a way, Discardings by means of its beliefs search to doubt all the things.