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Workshop provides the performance measurement systems to the test at the event from 06 to 07 October 2010 in Bonn Bad Oeynhausen/30.09.2010 – although nowadays almost all important business decisions based on analyzed figures, seem the previous methods to be not sufficiently practical. According to a recent study of business consulting coretelligence are a large part of the interviewed company managers with their indicator systems dissatisfied, because they always favour policy blunders with far-reaching consequences. On the SAS Forum from 06 to 07 October 2010 in Bonn can present key data profiling, systematically eliminating the previous weaknesses in their performance measurement systems with the company coretelligence as a solution. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Electrolux by clicking through. Naked figures in the reports have no satisfactory power usually or sometimes even lead to false interpretations. Because, often, it is unclear how the analyzed figures can be interpreted precisely in their creation and their often diverse effect relationships” Describes the core issues coretelligence – Managing Director Marianne Wilmsmeier. That the requirement of the future pass, because the need for knowledge is growing, only a best possible expressiveness of the figures make the guarantee for best possible decisions of company managers. Key figures profiling as an evolutionary development of the analysis systems is dedicated to this task”, explained the Advisor of the SAS partner. A new methodological approach that produces a significantly better understanding of the key figures behind.

They are made for transparent in their contexts and relationship structures, so that can get the user to secure evidence. As a consequence of differential code information, then the reports will receive a completely new face. A workshop will be dedicated to detail this topic on the second day of the SAS Forum in Bonn. Is not only the basic ideas of the profiling of key figures are presented, but the participants will also learn, as it is in practice methodically implement can be and is purposefully supported by SAS software. About coretelligence: Coretelligence builds with the key figures-profiling for the first time a bridge between technology and business advice, developing a comprehensive, holistic information profile of the company, taking into account all relevant factors. This ensures a much more precise understanding of analysed indicators. The advice from coretelligence is based on broad and proven competence as well as on extensive methodological know-how to optimize sustainable operational information and decision-making processes.

about SAS SAS is sales of one of the world’s largest software manufacturer with $ 2.31 billion. The independent provider of business analytics software is a leader in the business intelligence market. SAS solutions for an integrated corporate management help companies at a total of more than 45,000 locations, concrete from their various business data Information for strategic decisions to win and thus to increase their performance. SAS software solutions companies develop strategies and implement these, measure the success of own, make their customer and supplier relationships profitable, control the entire organization and meet regulatory requirements. 96 of the top 100 of the Fortune 500 companies rely on SAS. The company of by American parent company founded in 1976 is Cary, North Carolina. SAS Germany has its headquarters in Heidelberg, and additional offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. For more information see. Currently: SAS is the number 1 of most popular employers, according to the U.S. rankings published on January 25, 2010 “100 best companies to work for,” FORTUNE and great place to work Institute. More under awards/workplace_awards.html think factory groupcom GmbH Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth Wilfried Heinrich Tel.: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

Volker Schafer Internet

Get rich… come back on the floor as in any business venture, it needs a strong foundation and time to build momentum. It is important to set realistic goals for your personal development, your business, and your growth. In newly formed companies of any kind it happens too often that people expect wonderful growth overnight and experience then at an early stage unnecessary discouragement. Not even take over, one step after the other. Here are some of the things you might feel when you start your business: excitement – now they are business owners and entrepreneurs.

The nice thing is that you are just going to benefit directly from your own hard work and your talent! The short-term sacrifices you make, just help the realization of your dreams. Overwhelmed – so much to learn, so little time.” You must know everything, so you can start. Visit Ben Horowitz for more clarity on the issue. What you need to know is, where to find the answer. Be rest assured that you will learn 80% of your company while building it, and your mentor will guide you through this learning process. Impatience – you want to start and want to see the results yesterday. This is a great feeling, but please understand that it is important to establish your business properly and have a good foundation. Be careful in your actions! Fear – you want to be successful, but because your company is new, you’re not sure whether you will do all necessary things in advance of your company correctly.

Maybe you are not even sure whether this is the right deal for you. My advice has always been jumping into cold water! Work hard, keep with your mentors and trust, that your anxiety abates and turned into confidence. There are no heavy “business – it requires only that you are willing to focus your efforts. Speaking candidly Starbucks told us the story. Enthusiasm – enthusiasm is an invaluable source of energy and motivation that comes from within. It is of the Catalyst for the activity that generated the momentum, which leads to even more excitement! Enthusiasm is contagious and creates a positive environment for your business. Are you your own boss to be proud of themselves for the decision – trust in your abilities and find success. Frustration – a degree of frustration is a natural process in any organization. As your business grows, your self confidence will eliminate these frustrations. In this initial launch phase, it is comfortable to feel important, to ask the mentor for help. There is no s o a thing as a stupid question. Why do you feel so probably? This is your first company. You have never been involved in the sale or distribution. You have no experience in advertising or marketing. Her friends think you are crazy. All of these things are insignificant in relation to your success in this business. Everyone can be frustrated and overwhelmed, but it needs feel nevertheless to focus on courage and motivation, no matter how you. Even if it takes six months to make profits, they’re always much further, as most business opportunities on this planet. A common thing to do exceptionally well brings success”- Henry John Heinz wishes much success in Internet marketing you Volker Schafer Internet marketing mentor

New Price Comparison

On time at the end of the school year 2013, news from the world of travel insurance RSWW live is the latest version of your au pair insurance price comparison calculator. Under the direct address aupair pairs can au, participants in work & travel programmes, pupils, students, language holidaymakers or students with a longer stay abroad compare the appropriate long-term travel protection in one step and then conclude with one further click at the insurer. The simple choice for winner products”is an indication that RSWW searches not only for the cheapest price, but emphasizes also the quality and power factor. The numerous inclusive services, as well as explanatory terminology, be clarified transparently with mouse-over info Windows. More information is housed here: Ben Horowitz. The RSWW team has taken deliberately more time for the comparison calculator, as for the 2012 completed info part of the Web page, because the core functionality should be equipped with brand new and leading features. With a own programmer interfaces were created, many insurance rates on a unique platform to accumulate and in fractions of a second the user to make.

“The special pride lies in the ease of use of the RSWW’s own selection criterion travel protection factor” and the appropriate recommendation of tariffs in the travel medical insurance, supplementary tariffs such as travel accident and travel insurance, as well as the complete protective tariffs. ” The responsible for partnerships and collaboration expert Thomas Job is looking forward to future BtoB customers: from the outset we could make the price comparison so that it can be included from online travel agents, booking portals, service providers or insurance websites. “This RSWW business customers can easily and without high entry fees an own new USP (unique selling proposition) do, because the integration is easily individually customizable.” About the ReiseSchutzWeltWeit was founded in the year 2012 and is already after 12 months the leading price comparisons for travel insurance in the German-speaking Internet. When selecting the travel protection partners, the RSWW team lays value on quality and fair prices. The HanseMerkur travel insurance, ETI, the URV, the Alliance global are assistance and TravelSecure (the travel insurance the Versicherungs-AG Wurzburg), leader in the travel insurance business in the portfolio, including numerous test winner tariffs. More info under: contact: Versicherungsmakler Thorsten Fischer Department marketing / PR: Thomas Job Neumunstersche str. 5, 20251 Hamburg email: info(at) phone: + 49 (0) 175 411 7530 Internet:

Federal Ministry

/ / AFS POS solutions, SSE AFS line: important BMF requirements to store digital documents for cash transactions Oberhausen, 08.09.11 / / SSE software known software house based in Oberhausen tells the most important BMF requirements for the storage of digital documents for cash transactions. SSE-software business solutions GmbH & co. KG is including specialized solutions in the area of ERP, POS hardware and POS software, time recording systems as well as DMS and archiving competent partner in terms of industry-oriented software and IT solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises to the classic mid-market -. In a new letter last year, the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) has significantly tightened requirements for enterprises with electronic cash registers. These include including corresponding systemic, organizational and user – permission-related requirements. When using electronic cash systems (electronic cash registers and PC POS systems) is after the co-ordinated country adoption of the 26.11.2010 Note the following to store digital documents for cash transactions: – by means of cash registers, scales with cash register function or taximeters (data processing system) created files/data must in electronic form be kept! -Deleting of journal data and keeping only the printed documents (cash report,) is no longer allowed! To store tax-related data are in particular: – programming and master data change data – journal – and evaluation – the cash register system the GoB and the GoBS must! -The taxpayer burden the finding for that. -The storage on external data carriers or in an archive system is possible if data is immutable and by machine evaluable. An archive system must allow the same evaluations such as those in the current system.

Other requirements are:-record the different payment methods (cash or credit card; Direct debit) – the specific locations and periods of the funds are to log and store. -Records must for each individual fund separately listed and kept be. -Storage of all organization documents, in particular the operating instructions, the programming instructions and all instructions for programming. -The electronic documents/data must be stored 10 years in electronic form. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ben Horowitz. A printout on paper and the deletion of data is prohibited. The SSE software advise affected companies in an on-site appointment beyond the specific requirements and checks the appropriate feasibility.

In this context, SSE software indicates that said policies in development at the upcoming shortly to provide new versions of AFS ERP as well as AFS ECRS already functional and software side were taken into account. Further information on this topic, as well as information about the SSE AFS line were economic solutions can be found at, as well as the following contact information: contacts: sales, customer service / / SSE-software business Solutions GmbH & co. KG of Volklinger str. 5 46117 Oberhausen phone: + 49 (0) 208 / 88 48 68 0 fax: + 49 (0) 208 / 88 48 68 29 eMail: Handler-, partner support / / SSE-software business solutions GmbH & co. KG of Volklinger str. 5 46117 Oberhausen phone: + 49 (0) 208 / 88 48 68 0 fax: + 49 (0) 208 / 88 48 68 29 eMail:

Atomic Kick

Kick atomic and needs Pantries Edson Silva After to have counted that not was so easy to pass for first election African that we would face in Pantries, Zaire, in 1974 and earns of 3×0 (to placar that Brazil needed not to be eliminated), I decided to continue with history of that Pantry, after all was the first one in the age after Skin, craque that it immortalized shirt 10. the heir of the 10, at least in the two next Pantries after Skin, was Rivellino, the boy of the Park, disclosed for the So Paulo Corinthians. In day 26 of June of 74, after the victory against the Zaire, the Brazilian Election would make its 42 game in Pantries and the adversary was Eastern Germany. As already I counted in this column, up to 90, had two Alemanhas, the Occidental person and the Oriental. It enters the mysteries of the soccer is the fact of Brazil to have facing, in Pantries, only a time each one of them. With Occidental person, that currently is the Election that more played in Pantries (99 games), Brazil, that is second that more it played in Pantries (97 games), ours Election played in 2002 and won with 2 gols of Ronaldo Phenomenon and sagrou pentacampe of the world. But we go to count the history of the confrontation with the Oriental, in 74. In the Niedersachenstadion, in Hanover (Germany Occidental person), 58,463 people attended the game between Brazil and Eastern Germany. Electrolux shines more light on the discussion.

The hardness of the departure that it insisted on 0x0 until the 15 minutes of second time could be measured by the work of the judge John Thomas, of the Country of Wales, that had to apply five yellow cards, three for the Brazilians Carpeggiani, Jairzinho and Dirceu; two for the eastern Germans Harmann and Streich. The decisive play of the departure was a lack in the entrance of the area and who prepared to charge was Rivellino, our Riva. The eastern Germans had formed the so compact barrier pparently how much it was the wall of Berlin, but had a detail, the Brazilian aggressor Valdomiro were infiltrated in the way of it. Much people did not understand the reason, until uncurling launch of it. Rivellino, owner of powerful kick of left, what it relieved to it, in Mexico, in 70, nickname of the atomic kick, made jus fame.

It ordered the bomb in the way of the barrier, just in the place where it was Valdomiro, that was bent down, and the ball passed direct to the deep one of the nets of the goleiro Croy, that nor if it moved. Brazil 1×0 and classification for the next phase and to face, for the first time in Pantries, nothing less than Argentina and would have plus others three confrontations against ' ' hermanos' ' , in the Pantries of 78,82 and 90. Against the eastern Germans Brazil played with: Lion, Z Maria, Luis Pear tree, Marine Peres, Marine Chagas, Carpeggiani, Pablo Cesar, Valdomiro, Rivellino, Jairzinho and Dirceu, the technician was Zagallo. Others who may share this opinion include Andreessen Horowitz. The Germans had formed with: Croy, Kische, Bransch, Weise, Watzich, Lauck (Lowe), Hamann (Imscher), Kurbjuweit, Streich, Sparwaser and Hoffmann, the technician was Buschner. Edson Silva is journalist and works in Sumar edsonsilvajornalista@