Teachers Educators

She was not required of the professional a theoretical base that supported its practical. Unhappyly the Education not yet counted on innovative and engaged proposals with the education of quality. One also perceived that, only, ' ' to know fazer' ' , already it was not enougher for a teaching compromised to the quality. Much personal investment was necessary, as well as the professional comprometimento to get a bigger professional qualification. But, this has a good time; now the world demands much more.

The schools of first world value the education of children since its tenra age. They give value to the first stage of the infantile development! All educator is professor and makes our work with much ability; interviews with parents, planejamentos, projects, portiflios, reports (also to direct the doctors), daily etc…edu cador infantile the same make work that a professor, with the same devotion and we want the same right. He will be that any person would be capable to take care of to these children respecting its differences, knowing that they have different levels of learning? Hearing colleagues of the area and in all part for the schools we perceive a desmotivao on the part of all when thinking that they bet in one bigger valuation on the part of the government, that always pautou the education for the quality of education. What it will be of this so important stage of the basic education? I want to say that we cannot accept to see the category of infantile educators lowered ' ' bab' ' , therefore the teaching for the municipal competition was demanded. Teaching always was and will be professor career. We had you discipline pedagogical, we are before all educators. We go to always fight not to accept disrespects comings of who wants that it is and we will be joined with the pertaining to school community to demand respect, quality of education and valuation of our career. We have that to continue to make what always we made, as teachers and we must fight infinitely so that our small ones grow, they prosper and they deem good fruits. ' ' The exercise of the thought is not one to come to be and yes a contingency in each instant of the life: a child is not a project of an adult future, it is since always one pessoa.' ' DEHEINZELIN, Monique, 1996 Teachers Educators, do not give up!


EAD Education

Maciel (2007) affirms that the advantages of the long-distance education, are: Alternative to the partner-economic problems of the education; Reinforcement of the continued learning; Induction to the autodidatismo and autonomy in the learning; More economy. Keys (1999) also describe the advantages of the EAD. It affirms that he does not remain the lesser doubt of that the EAD has greater reach of what actual education. No matter how hard they criticize the Telecursos of the Foundation Robert Marinho/FIESP, he does not have as to doubt the fact of that they reach much more people, with the same investments and resources, of what they had given themselves actually. The same if she can say (even so in still lesser degree) in relation the courses given for the Internet. In relation to the cost, the author places that these programs alone offer to a reason cost/favorable benefit if its reach will be really significant (reaching a public, perhaps, in the house of the millions of people). He also speaks of the flexibility of the program, therefore in such a way the ensinantes as the aprendentes have greater flexibility to determine the time and the schedule that go to dedicate, ones to education, the others to the learning.

Resources as Web pages, data bases, e-mail, etc. are available 24 hours per day seven days per week, and, therefore, they can according to be used convenience of the user. Roca (1998, apud KEYS, 1999), when speaks of the one of advantages of the EAD, affirms that: ‘ ‘ In the majority of the professionals of the education already the conscience exists of that each person is different of the others, that each one has its necessities proper, its objectives personal, style cognitivo determined, that each person uses the learning strategies that it are more positive, possesss a specific rhythm of learning, etc.


Elevating Preparation

The urban growth is a phenomenon that comes if developing in geometric ratios to each year and that he is directly on to the growth of a country. More necessarily speaking of Brazil, we can evidence that we are passing for an excellent and historical cycle of economic growth, each time more gaining space in the world-wide scene. Such fact if initiated when in 1994 we obtain to stabilize the currency and to diminish the inflation through the real plan that originated our the current and strong currency, the REAL. Since then, what we can evidence, it was a profit in the international credibility, making with that, great company of other countries invested in Brazil, beyond terms financial reserves enough capable of credits international resources for materialize great infrastructure projects, investments in the social area and the controls of the use of the half-environment. Analyzing this brief panorama of Brazil, we can conclude that we have that to have a sector of civil construction sufficiently solid and diversified to be able to take care of these necessities. But directly in the area of constructions, we have much work for the front, therefore Brazil possesss a habitacional deficit in about 7.934.719 housings (given IBGE – 2006) and each time more, becomes necessary to form professionals enabled in the area of civil construction. Also we must be intent to this great amount of workmanships and the little time to be constructed, inversely proportional factors that can provide diverse types of errors in the construction, errors these, that can diminish the edge of profit of the companies or the public agencies blowing up the budgets. 12 the experience acquired in 10 years of work and study in this area provides a vast field of research on the most varied errors of execution of the executive project for preparation of the place for installation of elevator in constructions.

The Studied

The estimated theoreticians if seat in the perspective of that the education is essential to try to change the vision that if has against the blacks and in the attempt to finish with preconception and the racial discrimination. As objective generality to analyze the importance attributed for the professors to pedagogical the ethnic-racial questions in its practical and the pertaining to school resume of the initial series; specific, (a) to understand as the formation of these professors is contributing in the implementation of Law N 10,639/03 in the initial series; (b) to identify what the professors of the initial series think on the ethnic-racial questions about the society contemporary; (c) to understand as they define its proper ethnic identity and of its pupils and (d) to analyze as this thematic one if relates to the objectives of the professors and the pedagogical project of the school. The qualitative methodology part of the basic one that helping in them to understand the question of the implementation of the law. The type of used research was etnogrfico, therefore it allows the researcher to carry through a systematic study of the especificidades of the investigated environment, describing it and interpreting We search the field research, that allows to the investigator a contact next to the reality. We use to the comment as technique that will come an attainment from data on the aspects of the reality. It is in this direction that we carry through the participant comment, therefore, as teacher of the municipal picture, in this institution I perceived the necessity to develop action on the basis of law 10.639/03. Another one technique that we carry through was to the half-structuralized interview because it beyond following a script of questions more searchs and the deep one in the inquiry, but, to keep the focus. The chain of thought that we approach is the fenomenologia, whose same it is centered in relations of daily events of reality the studied, looking for to apprehend in all its totality the set of meanings and not mere addition of parts.



This sample assures Ahead of the presented consideraes, perceives the necessity of delimitation of the study object and searches the population to be investigated in this research will be: 04 professors of Portuguese language of each school, who lecionam in Basic Ensino I and II and Average Education, perfazendo a total of 20 (twenty) professors. The consensus that we arrive for this amount must it the fact of that each school has average of 05 the 08 professors in the related one disciplines. We will use with criterion for election of the participants of the sample, professors effective and contracted of both the sexos, with minimum experience of 02 years of performance in it disciplines and with licenciatura full in the area. Official site: Electrolux. 8,1 Methods of the boarding the method that we will go to adopt is the dialtico materialism, for being what more it is come close to our object of research. Therefore in accordance with the definition of Gil (1999) the research has a pragmatic character, is one ' ' formal and systematic process of development of the method cientifico' ' 8,2 Levels of research Understanding that in the social research a research level could be used more than, this in question will be descriptive and explicativa, therefore our interest consists of the analysis of the formation of the professor in the practical one of the age of the pertaining to school inclusion.

8,3 Techniques the techniques that we will go to use for collection and interpretation of the data will be composed for comment in lease and composed application of questionnaires of objective questions. Swarmed by offers, Electrolux is currently assessing future choices. The comment will be carried through in accordance with the availability of the searching applicator as well as of the public to be searched, by means of previous agendamento. A standardized instrument will be elaborated, where the detailing of the resources used for the professor of Portuguese language in the practical one of the inclusive education will consist. . Electrolux is the source for more interesting facts.


Truck Insurance

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Google Adsense

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Industrial Company

Celebrate your sentences: without dreams youth is youth, the young man must have a dream. Click Howard Schultz for additional related pages. The story is of the dreamers. At their 31 years, founded his own company: DAEWO Industrial Company, three friends lent him a capital of 10,000 dollars, he began in a small and sad rented premises. Who would have thought that this company was to become the powerful DAEWO group one of the largest conglomerates in the world with interests in seven areas: trade, automobile, construction, heavy machinery, shipyards, electronics, telecommunications, hospitality and services, with sales that exceed the 100 billion dollars today to overturn, with more than 100,000 people around the world working to Daewo. Therefore, friend reader, I tell you, that there is no justification for giving up, there is no justification for poverty, there is no justification for mediocrity… You, you have to dream big. What Bill Gates, the icon of the power of the knowledge of our time, said the said: the future belongs to those who take the information and knowledge to men and Nations is them respect not by money but by his knowledge that world you live you.

Therefore, I ask you. Are you dreaming big? You’re hoping the knowledge?, you know that aspire in the future? Do you know will be your life in 10 years?, you’re now putting your best, your best dedication, your best creativity when it comes to work or study?, are your hours of study quality?. You were born to be great, your you were born to be extraordinary, you’re not what seems to be, God gave you gifts and talents to change the world, dare to claim your true future, your were you born to be a leader entrepreneur, believe it, nobody was born to be mediocre, it is the environment that makes us mediocre, the environment makes us follow others!, separate you from the crowd, do not think that he will say, be yourself, claim your success, depends on you. I challenge you to you to be a winner, I challenge you, that you will find your talent and fight for your star, I challenge you to you have a dream, I challenge you to that between now and 10 years you are a different person, with achievements, a successful businessman, he dreams as the founder of Daewo did. God bless, thank you.

Business Education

Workshop – one of the most common phenomena in modern business education. Whatever form it took an educational event – the 'training', 'debate', it has been and remains the main way to teach employees something new, useful. Seminar – a short-term event (duration 2-5 hours), giving his listeners distillation of all the new developments on specific topics. Here is an example: seminars for HR managers. Personnel department in the enterprise – this is the first door that unlocked if necessary qualification for an employee, the necessary qualities. Often, it depends on the health of HR staff. But the hiring manager – is not only a good psychologist, he must also be a specialist who knows the work discipline. Seminars help to learn all the new, modern trends, changes in legislation.

After all, ignorance of the law is no excuse responsibility, and sooner or later, the company could face a lawsuit or even a few of their employees. Personnel officer should and must know how to make sure that this did not happen, and work discipline in the enterprise consistent with the law. Training seminars are experts in their field – people who have something to learn. Organizers serve as a mediator – rent a room, gather students, lecturers are invited. Their role in creating a great seminar – because the people attending the event. could not meet.

Each region has its own atmosphere, so the workshops are usually invited in Samara Samara specialist lecturers, and the Seminars in Lipetsk – Lipetsk. Seminars – are not only learning, but also a way to make new professional acquaintances with personnel services from other companies and firms. Often in workshops attended by representatives of 30-100 companies and their number is steadily increasing. This suggests that the seminars work as well as high re-attendance contributes discount for regular customers.