Retailo Distributor Cards

Trade model of Retailo AG successfully placed Cologne, may 4, 2009. The gift-card world of Cologne Retailo AG prevails: A year after its market launch the new trade category counts nationwide already 7,600 sales locations. Also in the Switzerland, Retailo is progressing well. Here, the gift cards world is already present at more than 1,100 outlets. Platform for major commercial brands In the German retail trade has pioneering meaning the system: it bundles prepaid and gift cards of from different suppliers to a total range offered on high-traffic retail outlets. The innovative concept is: within a short time well 40 well-known commercial enterprises of various sectors have joined the world of gift cards, including heavyweights such as IKEA, Karstadt, OTTO, and Saturn. The model offers multiple benefits. The customer has, for example, the possibility to choose at a glance from a wide spectrum”, so Stefan Gegg, Board the Fleurop AG.

The company uses the gift cards the world extra To open up market opportunities for the Fleurop GutscheinCards, has equipped numerous florist with shelves of gift cards world. The wide circle of brand partners ensures the diverse business mix of gift cards world. Almost all gift-relevant categories of goods are represented: cards for flowers, books and wine are part of the range as those for toys, music, jewelry and fashion. Even gift cards for furniture and home accessories, technology, electronics, or travel and experience events are included. Additional information is available at Kevin Johnson. Distribution network with a strong Retailpartnern on the sales side cooperates Retailo now with eight Retailpartnern, who bring their ambitious branch and distribution networks. Thus, the gift cards world is widely present in petrol stations, bookstores, tobacco shops, banks and florists.

Even that counts BBs Tengelmann retail chain Kaiser since early April this year to the District of Retailo Distributor. The range of gift cards world we can significantly expand our product portfolio. This is interesting especially from the point of view that we need only little sales area and no own goods and materials”, explains Jan-peer Brenneke, head of category management nonfood by Emperor BBs Tengelmann. The stationary distribution, Retailo operates an online store for the sale of tickets via the Internet since the beginning of the year. Good opportunities for international growth for the coming months Retailo plans European expansion of market leadership. This, especially the sales office network should be increased. In addition, the inclusion of other strong brands in the world of gift cards is intended. Retailo uses the ongoing trend to electronic gift cards for expansion in Europe. Germany and the Switzerland, the company wants to open up soon additional European countries. In addition online shop should be developed to the leading platform around the theme gift cards. The environment for a rapid further development is cheap. This Christian Lindner, Director of Retailo AG: Our market is growing dynamically. Electronic gift cards are in demand more and more.” The United States is an example. There almost one-third of all gift card vouchers obtained malls.

AVG Service

The outsourcing of business processes in a nearshore site, as the Yndeo call center in Sofia, means a massive monetary advantage by forty to fifty percent savings potential. In the medium term, but play an important role in addition to the financial benefits of business process outsourcing, which are clearly emerging nearshore solution, still factors including service times, waiting fields and call quality. Very customer-friendly service hours can be achieved, possibly 24-hour operation, because the cost and structural barriers are very low. The staffing of the project may be more richly”fail and thus planned a higher level of service and also achieved. In our case, the step to the outsourcing customer was prepared already very structured. Very early, the Yndeo call center in Sofia was included in the plans. First, it created a specific briefing on the process who came for the page in question.

On the basis of this briefing was the award of the contract calculated and contractually regulated. The next step was discussed in several joint workshops with the project at the customer in Hamburg and at the service provider in Sofia the realization of individual operations and into concrete action specification. Whether the planning was good, reflected in each project only, so also here if it actually starts working. Now started within the framework of a pilot project initially outsource customer service operations on a smaller scale. Everything ahead was the composition of the team of employees who have appropriate training and experience.

Within three weeks the home team could be, consisting of consisting of employees available already in the call center and new recruitments from outside. Subsequently conducted several training sessions at the client in Hamburg and in the call center in Sofia, with a duration of several weeks. Meanwhile, all were technical measures for the connection to the electronic booking system of the car rental realized. To do this, IT managers on client side worked together headquartered in France, closely related to the IT team of the Yndeo call center. To keep the error rate as low as possible and to achieve high learning effects, an employee of the car rental company as a project manager and coach on the spot was withdrawn. Over several weeks, he stood in the background the call center project manager and the employees in the team at your disposal, helped uncertainties in routine operations, declared exceptions and supported the deepening of the basic knowledge from the previous training. After approximately three months pilot phase the project was then taken employees on the planned size of twenty first. In the meantime, work on Yndeo page nearly fifty employees in this team in Sofia and manage between thirty – forty thousand telephone inquiries, emails and faxes per month for the principal company in the languages German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. a marketing, call center and outsourcing service provider is yndeo with European locations in Augsburg, Frankfurt, Sofia and Bucharest. 300 employees cover all possibilities of an international call center, via telephone, E-Mail, fax, post, or even Instant Messaging. In outsourcing yndeo all business processes takes over, multilingual and cost-effective, whether in customer service or with the processing of bookings and orders. Here is worked in up to 17 languages, for example, AVG, Europcar, DHL, HP, practitioners, Tele2, Transfracht, Vodafone and the UniCredit Bank. (

European States

It is now time for Mr Steinbruck, to get out of a little musty shoe box in the national perspective and to commit the European spirit, whose co-founded is Germany. The ambivalence of the Lord echoed Steinbruck on the one hand the Finance Minister berated European States at the beer level”(Jean Asselborn) and accuses her of assistance for tax evasion, although these States in most cases do nothing, consistently apply the relevant EU directives. Learn more at: Caterpillar Inc.. On the other hand a service statement of the Federal Ministry of finance from January 8, 2007, at its is subordinate authorities, the Supreme financial authorities of the countries him where the BMF clearly and unequivocally instructs, apply the EU parent subsidiary directive, when given the appropriate circumstances! The called service statement is all tax offices in Germany! The EU parent subsidiary directive States, inter alia, that profits of a subsidiary to its parent company on the level of the parent company to tax. So for example the German subsidiary pays dividends to its parent company in the Republic of Cyprus, to pay tax on these dividends not in Germany but in Cyprus. Who aligns his company that he in the Cypriot tax benefits comes, do call themselves after echoed Steinbruck rhetoric as tax curse Tiger, although he does nothing else to perceive as EU legal rights, which according to BMF also in German tax authorities applied to Earth.

I apply EU law, only that to remember no one”, Mr Steinbruck said probably. Cyprus also offers the advantage of basically tax-free income from dividends tax advantages of Cyprus in addition to the general corporate tax rate of only 10%. This is the main reason for thousands of European companies to transfer their headquarters to Cyprus. In addition, is Income from appreciation of securities, as well as the trade with securities tax-free. Stefan Nolte

Various Ways And Forms Of Advertising

Business today is actively growing and competition is growing very rapidly in all areas of business. Andreessen Horowitz will not settle for partial explanations. Now what little business project, the firm will survive without significant investment in advertising. Ways to advertise your product or Your company quite a lot and of course all depends on how the business and its scale, the costs vary widely. This article provides basic, modern methods of advertising. Advertising in Internet today plays a significant role for small and medium businesses. Various ads, articles, forums – all these can be used, but the most important way is of course the creation and further progress site. You must create a site about their company, products, and make it visible to visitors. This is probably not advertising but just need to, because all the little, large firms have Web sites.

Next, you need to promote site, register it in the catalogs, buying links and stuff. Outdoor advertising. For this type of advertising include a variety of pamphlets, advertisements, billboards, signboards, signs, window decoration, facade, drawing the logo on the advertising souvenirs. Also, advertising in public transport is one of the most effective ways. The essence of this way – to make your Specification, logo, company name available for the eyes.

A lot of people now use corporate gifts, logo drawing, and use them as promotional gifts for various events, promotions and exhibitions. These include souvenirs – mugs with logo, christmas gifts (balloons, diaries with logo), all sorts of electronics, pens with logos, etc. The television ads, radio ads, in press. These methods are the most expensive and are used by large companies that do not spare the money because level is quite different. Television has a major impact on watching, then advertising is the most informative and certainly the most expensive and complicated. An experienced roller is able to attract many customers and potential customers, people first and foremost remember what they see a beautiful picture and can place great many. Radio is also used by lots of people, and are not available for television, motorists, tourists on and just giving it many constantly working background. Listen for the background makes advertising very effective and affordable.



With the growth of Japanese and Korean soap operas in recent years, as a side effect, also increased the popularity of Japanese and Korean fashion. Since the Sino-Korean Peninsula are the two great luminaries Asian fashion, Korean fashion is usually represented by these two styles. In fact, the Japanese fashion was the first wave of public enthusiasm Asian style, but later, apparently subsided and was replaced by a Korean fashion. Women's Fashion – it is quite a profitable business. At the same time as growing popularity of Korean fashion, handicraft producers wanted to get a piece and the Korean table, too. Especially when you consider the fact that the originality of this Korean designers did not cost cheap.

So, buying a Korean clothing, look for the following signs, prompting that the product – poddelka.Ne Koreans, Korean-producing clothing. Clothing sold in online stores must be made in Korea. This can be determined by Model, which wear clothes for her presentation. If a girl model – obviously not Korean – the clothes, most likely, too, was in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. And most of their products – it is a fake. And from experience, clothing obtained from these places, usually made of low-grade material or a bad cut.

Also, in most cases, the clothes do not look as good, as fotografiyah.Poluchennaya clothing – wet or smells bad. If the clothes you have been waiting for, smelly or wet – your anger, in this case, it is even justified. After all, you just got a surprise present from the Handicraft, bad smelling and sweaty production. Most of these enterprises concerned only with the number of produced commodity, therefore, not surprising that they do not have the appropriate budget or any need to 'As a control. "Language errors in the inscriptions on their clothes, or brand labels. These errors indicate a very high probability for a fake. As in the preceding paragraph in such a producer is simply no money for quality control products. And in most cases, the manufacturer does not even suspect that he actually typing on their products. 🙂 Buy Korean clothes from websites ending in '. Cn' If you do not know Korean and want to buy korean clothes – it can not be an easy task, since most Korean websites are made in Korean. However, the development of Internet and online shopping, there are many sites that sell Korean clothing made in English. Thus, the name of an online store ending in '. Cn', in most cases indicate the goods with the price of goods poddelkoy.Posmotrite and think his head. If prices seem too good to be true – that, in most cases – it is so. Forgery can compete only with the original price. Since quality can not be better, then the only thing that could lure such a product – is reduce the cost of production. Clearly, the worse the production – and the worse the product. Summarizing the above, look for a proven web sites. I can recommend a good online store Korean clothing

Russian Capital

In general, since the Union, we learned to recognize in the Russian capital a symbol of our vast country. At the moment, to that added look of glamor and wealth, and along with the name of the most expensive city, almost in our whole world. But ordinary citizens also often need to come here for a couple of days. Say, to visit friends or to the fact that his eyes surveying the famous monuments of interest. And leading the complexity appears before the tourists in the face of the housing nuance.

Let drove for a couple of days, but sleep on the street yet you will not. To broaden your perception, visit Ben Horowitz. With all the food easier to eat on every corner possible in principle for a reasonable price. Frequently Kevin Johnson has said that publicly. And unfortunately the night where the only pleases will not succeed. Even if you can come visit, as a rule do not want to burden family members round the clock, or, in principle, housing conditions do not allow your friends to something you put on the night. That's why for visitors is the best way – flat on the day Moscow. You choose not only a time of life, while it may even be the only day. You will be able to choose including easy for you to area cities, number of rooms and other amenities that can be present or not present in the rooms.

Removable separate apartment – it is in any case, more comfortable than a hotel. Initially, because in Moscow hard to find mid-level hotel, the bulk of here is configured to service visitors from abroad. Moreover, even in a situation when you went to the capital on business, but the means have, then even the most luxury hotel room you will never get that comfort, which guarantees the individual apartment. First of all, you will not be tortured staff service personnel. Only your personal desire to be the reason for appearance of the maid. In addition, you will not have to light up in positions where people gather, and for the well-known business people, this may be critical. Well, in fact an elite private apartment, rent, capable of offer a level of comfort is much better than a large number of apartment hotels, including the presidential suites. In addition, and equipment at this location in the state be unable to sample more high, from plumbing to electronics. Housing problem in Moscow is extremely acute. But if you're not going to live here, then all problems can be solved if the rent the apartment for a couple of days. A most significant that only in this apartment you will be able to relax and feel at home. Faceless apartment hotels, how to costly they are, remain strict and uncomfortable. And even the most small and cheap apartment is characterized by mental softness that to the extent required tired traveler, including in our time.


Global Issues

Hunger, ozone depletion, the greenhouse effect – articles on important global issues today are full of all the newspapers. As if by agreement, the media scare us vying gloomy forecasts for the future, the benefit that the vendors of such materials lack is not experienced. World famous British scientist James Lovelock, for example, believes that irrational human activities destroying the nature and leads to irreversible consequences. Very soon, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be too much to upset the balance of the Earth and will inevitably come to an end. Lovelock argues that this will happen in 32 years, and yet we are expected to famine, drought and rain, which in turn will lead to mass migration.

So, in countries such as Canada and the UK very soon there will be tent cities for refugees. In any newspaper you can read about that on a planetary catastrophe we are only a few steps. Learn more at this site: Jim Umpleby. And if we do not stop, then very soon the most pessimistic predictions may be our inevitable reality. And that is why we urgently need – then usually followed by a long list of measures designed to somehow slow down our descent into disaster. Our situation really requires attention, but the decision today is sweeping the problems we are looking for is not there. In contradiction to nature, say the Kabbalists, we are entering not at the level our business operations and in its internal state, when we consider the current situation of the normal division and hatred. Our selfishness has grown to such proportions today that successfully extinguishes any attempts of individuals to point to him as the greatest challenge humanity. And this problem is really serious.

We are so distant from each other, which violated even natural family ties. Curious can consider going to court Iranian women demanding the greedy husband 124 000 roses. (The court, by the way, this claim.) But it is not funny when you read that according to research by UNICEF, the victims of domestic violence are 275 million children of the world. In the UK there is a new phenomenon – pedofobiya, fear of their children. Misunderstanding, unwillingness to consider others complicate our lives to a much greater extent than the problems caused by industrial activities. Today we see it all clearly. Moving the progress that selfishness is not only not brought us the expected benefits but caused real damage. And more and more clearly shows the need to overcome tearing us selfish contradictions. However, to overcome fragmentation and integration at the level of the same self-interest will not help us. Universal equality and fraternity – this stage we have, fortunately, has already passed. Adjusting catastrophe, nature requires that we review today attitude to their selfishness, the awareness of the need to exit from its scope. This alone would be enough to begin to change our reality for the better. This will be the first step to achieve this balance with nature, and only then we will cease to feel the impact of her oppressive. The essence of nature, as they say the Kabbalists – and opposed to selfishness because even a simple attempt to change it fits into the overall direction of motion, moving us closer to the true harmony with nature. Then we will cease to feel bad in this world. Blows that rained on us today from all sides, just stop. In all levels. And the end of the world will turn into a state full of light.


Industrial equipment – the main component of any industry and indeed any country's economy, which has the potential in this area. Is not, and excluding the former Soviet Union, all of which were intact oriented industry in any form. Someone produced equipment, and someone oborudorvanie for sports, but with all of this, using standard industrial equipment, which had a wide profile use. What does the fact that our equipment Yew is still functioning, although it was made almost half a century ago, and while all products are still the order vyaletsya konkurenosposobnoy mirovovm on the goods market. In particularly good example is the steel industry and heavy industry, whose potential still allow many countries to keep their own economies afloat without spending much on the content of these complexes. (A valuable related resource: Jim Umpleby). In movement only tarry own existence by the middle of last century, China was considered a semi-feudal country with undeveloped building and feeble economy.

In the industrial development of China lagged behind developed of 100-150 years, according to the establishment being agro-raw materials appendage. But afterward the PRC in 1949, the country set in motion not long tarry industrialization was carried out, though gave up the ability for rapid recovery industry. In 1946, the share of industry in China ever 10% of the state earnings power. In 1949, the state ranks 9th in the world space according to the extraction of coal, pig iron according to 23, 26 according to melting steel production and 25 according to elekstrichestva. Those not the least, still near 30 years of financial recovery rates in China have been fairly slow.