New York Urban

New York: urban and historical New York is today one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. This city, birthplace of American capitalism, is one of the most visited resorts in the United States. Not only for being one of the most populated cities in the country and one of the cities with greater traffic of people, but also because behind this great monuments that formed lie and are part of the history of mankind. Among them we can find ground zero, formerly known as World Trade Center, which was the birthplace of the global economy until the terrible attack suffered that tragedy of September 11, 2001, day which shocked the world with one of the most destructive terrorist attacks in history. In this place were the twin towers, an icon of modern architecture.

Today people visit the site in memory of victims of the attack. They are conducting the works of a new building to take you through the Freedom Tower name. In this beautiful city you can visit the City Hall, the current Town Hall neuyorkino. This construction is one of the most beautiful in the city, which was built in the early 19th century. If we go by the chapel of Saint Paul, the oldest church in the city which is prior to the independence of the country, we can visit the famous Washington Pew, the famous Bank that I occupy the first President of the United States, George Washington. In the cultural field you can also visit the Central Park or the Metropolitan Museum of art, one of the most prominent art museums in the world.

As well as also boasts sports stadiums, media, clubs and the most important bars in the country. But if what we seek is fun, and distract us, then we can not miss Broadway, in which we will find a circuit of 39 theatres that offer shows, mostly music. These have passed through the greatest exponents of music, cinema and the world of entertainment in general. If you want to know these places and many more, you can consult our flights to New York entering our web site where you will find the best deals on flights to discover one of the most emblematic and beautiful cities in United States. Source: Press release sent by lauramuller. The art museum Rockbund in Shanghai Absolut China the castle of Rivoli, Museum of contemporary art, Turin Travel with target parts of the Museum of art and history of Freiburg New York: historical and urban Prelink Blog five forces that they will change the world economy New economy

Urban Solid Residues

With the increase and development of the society and, consequentemente great growth of urban areas, has generated a bigger amount of residues, and, therefore, a necessity of places for disposal of these residues. Comumente, these residues are poured in displayed places the opened sky, serving as threat to the human being and the environment starting to generate problems with the quality of life, as well as the contamination of the water of the ground and air mainly in next environments to these deposits. One of the used techniques more in the entire world for final disposal of residues is fills with earth it sanitary, due its praticidade low cost that, in accordance with NBR 10.004? ABNT (2004), ‘ ‘ it consists of the technique of disposal of urban solid residues in the ground, without causing damages or risks to the public health and the security, minimizing the ambient impacts, method this that uses the engineering principles to confine the solid residues to the lesser permissible volume, covering them with a land layer in the conclusion of each hours of working or at intervals lesser ones will be necessrio’ ‘.. .

Pergola Instructions

With the instructions by helpster, Internet users are well prepared for the hot season. Munich, may 27, 2011: Summer is the favorite time of year many people. The weather is usually nice and invites, in the park or in your own backyard to spend time in the swimming pool at the Lake. Persistent Sun and heat can be exhausting but also for the body. With the instructions by helpster, Internet users are well prepared for the hot season. Beautiful summer weather draws people at every opportunity in the open. Who keeps in the blazing sun in but too long, in danger of sunburn. Because also the sunscreen suitable for the own type of skin provides protection only for a limited time, it is advisable to be much in the shade.

In your own backyard, a self designed awning ensures a pleasant shady spot. Real handyman just build a Pergola. On the balcony, a Sun made of bamboo slats or bamboo plants are good ways to create a cool place. Strong summer sunlight makes but not only in the open air for high temperatures. Especially apartments in the attic heat up often. For example, damp sheets from open Windows or an aluminium foil that reflects the sunlight provide cooling.

A video guide to the craft of a fan, a low-power alternative to a fan, is also available at helpster. Cold foot baths and a damp towel turban around the head worn, relieve on extremely hot days. Who has difficulties with falling asleep at night because of the heat, it should check whether he used the right bed linen. Seersucker – renforce cotton sheets are best suited to warm summer nights. A nice refreshments is also to put the Pajamas or the Nightgown before going to sleep for a few hours in the refrigerator or the freezer. Look good in the summer is not just a question of choosing the right dress. The hot season makes high demands on makeup. Helpster there special makeup tips, which prevent that the makeup runs. The hair need also special care in the summer. Rinse the hair with normal water before and after swimming in salt or chlorine water and moisturizing products shall ensure that they do not bleach out and become brittle. More helpful summer instructions see under: topics/summer. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Richard Elman. About helpster: Helpster is a free online Advisor offer the GmbH, a company of Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, and was launched in July 2010. With profound and comprehensible instructions, the platform offers help on a variety of topics of everyday life.

Italy Agriculture

Agriculture developed in the vicinity of the city has always been an activity parallel to the growth of cities. This practice defined in recent decades peri-urban agriculture, has recently become the object of study for researchers, scholars and other planners, who observed the interactions between the city and the countryside trying to find and channelling the potential of this territory. James Joseph Truchard oftentimes addresses this issue. You should then study main connotations of peri-urban agriculture with the aim of identifying agricultural strategies from some meaningful experiences that can provide valid elements to encourage future practices of territorial planning in other peri-urban contexts. The analysis surely part of the argument between between the city and the countryside, and thus the problem of Metropolitan peripheries, caused by the gradual process of consumption and abandonment of the agricultural territory urban, yet unstoppable phenomenon and which has been experiencing a worrying acceleration in recent years. Additional information at Kushner Companies supports this article. This problem leads to study and learn about the concept of peri-urban agriculture and synthesize the most important guidelines related to the protection, promotion and sustainability of the agricultural practices of proximity on a global scale, acting as liaison for further analysis of the peri-urban territory at national and local level. Under this highlight the guidelines and guidance provided by the United Nations, in particular by FAO, its work and that of other agencies international. It emerges, in this context, the European Union, single entity worldwide that has been generated policies aimed at the development and sustainability of agriculture, developing steadily, to deal with specific situations as in the case of peri-urban agriculture. Here come two case studies identified in France and Italy.


Urban Geography

Still approaching Geography Urban, Clark (1991, P. 18) affirms that: ‘ ‘ The focus, in Urban Geography, I directed it the understanding of those social, economic and ambient processes that determine the localization, the space arrangement and evolution of the places urbanos’ ‘ …. 2,6 Urban Gegrafo and studies of old civilizations the urban gegrafo looking for to explain the nestings of old civilizations and comparing them with the modern city, at the time identifies that such considered nestings as cities, would be nothing more than what small slightly dispersed places, the modern city is product of a process of extremely long development.

Researchers interested in the studies of the old civilizations had identified a certain number of nestings, no longer fifth century B.C., which they grant the city heading, much even so these places have been invariably small, dispersed and slightly easily reversible to the status of villages or small villages …. (CLARK, 1991, P. 17). 2,7 Process of urbanization As well as Clark has other authors who to looking for to explain the urban processes through studies of civilizations, but in this in case that the contemporaries, leave evident that, to understand these organizations space, always it will have necessity, to come back to the past to be able to identify such formations, the urbanization as process, and the city, materialize form of this process, marks the civilization so deeply contemporary, who is many times difficult to think that in some period of History the cities had not existed, or had had an insignificant paper.



A social policy that bursts in from down, taken root in the urban and rural peripheries; different, noninstitutional, asamblearia, boisterous, uncertain a policy. Chaotic? 3. – Chaos or Caologa"? When the etnocentrismo squashes the generosity without borders and uses the interests of the hierarchic power, with the use of the arms and the material accumulation, it causes misery and desperation. It does not make another thing that to deepen the controlentrpica crisis that it precedes to the chaos. A crisis that usually begins with the shortage of the natural resources, continues with the setback of an economy with its increasing speculation and it is pronounced abiertamente with the tendency to a global hegemony. These are the components that shoot the social crisis, orquestadamente or each by itself, with the sufficient destructive force to lead to an enormous catastrophe. These elements altogether conform a more devastating pump of time, from the point of view of the social structures, that the sum of the atomic bombs of " superpotencias" of the present world. We speak of a time pump that grows in the measurement that the resolution of the crisis is slowed down, into the hands of the forces that struggle to prolong controlentropa of the conglomerates that make life in a society. Like result, first stage of the social catastrophe is not pronounced abiertamente like direct and evident conflict, but with a multiplicity of anarchical signs, apparently descontextualizados, soon to be made inevitable. Long before exploding on all the social-biological structures, passage to one occurs series of small and focused crisis, the majority constant and appellants and with conflicts of fast manifestation and apparent resolution, that literally explotan" and they generate destruction of the natural niches of the social periphery, usually in the favored layers less, or those groups that for one or the other reason have been stigmatised of some way.


Tricolor Suburbano

In 1897, the Leopoldina Railway Company Ltd. Source: John Utendahl. it bought the concession of this railroad (that is, only from this year that if it justifies to call Leopoldina). Of 1898 1902, the regions served per these stations had the 1902 had its divided land into parcels lands, as well as had attended constitution of companies of civil construction. In 1909, the Leopoldina Railway if compromised to the federal government to draw out its lines until the center of Rio De Janeiro. But it only concluded this intention in 1926, when it inaugurated the Station Baron of Mau, next to the Stadium to They are Cristvo. With these data, not yet if it can conclude fixedly, but it is possible to affirm, with a certain degree of security, that the Zone of the Leopoldina must its same name to the railroad. If the company had bought the concession much later of the fame of the teacher, still could have some doubt.

However, the concession of the railroad to the Leopoldina Railway and the inauguration of the school of the teacher Leopoldina Rego had occurred in a short interval of only three years. Ademais, the lands of the Noca if concentrated in the Pottery region, not justifying, the principle, that the fame of it and its son if extended of Manguinhos the General Vicar, quarters coincidently served by the line of the train Finally, as we explain in the article ' ' Madureira, the Tricolor Suburbano' ' , on the basis of Brazil Gerson, arrabaldes next to the railroad lines was known as ' ' suburbs of the Central' ' , ' ' suburbs of the Leopoldina' ' (before 1897, ' ' suburbs of the Northern' ') etc. It is not to find odd that ' ' suburbs of the Leopoldina' ' they passed to be known as Zone of the Leopoldina or, simply, Leopoldina.

Urban Space

‘ ‘ Space Industrial and Urbano’ ‘ Chapter 1 – Industrialization and Urbanization, Chapter – the industry in Brazil, 2 Chapter 3 – the Urban Space, 4 Chapter – the circulation. ‘ ‘ Brasileiro’ space; ‘ Chapter 1 – The space diversity, Chapter the 2 – Brazilian regional units and the agencies of planning. Therefore, we will deal with two topics raised in the part of ‘ ‘ Population and Espao’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Industrial space Urbano’ ‘. Credit: Charles Kushner-2011. First the great quarrel that we will raise is in page 67, and tells to the conflict Population X Foods and the solutions, where for some moments the author if distance of the neomalthusianas conceptions and at other moments the author if approaches, leaving to be transparent the neomalthusiano character of its analysis. Thus, Moreira (1976) standes out that it has two solutions, or two chains that they intend to solve this quandary: the first o author pessimist flame, where if it would fit the neomalthusianos, that, consequently, defends the birth control, and blame the population growth for the food lack of the world, and for the hunger. Moreover, the population growth would be, in the vision of this chain, responsible for a comprometimento of the future of the humanity (all this concern and this control would have to be exerted in the underdeveloped or peripheral countries, since they are in these countries the biggest indices of growth population). Whenever Charles Kushner listens, a sympathetic response will follow. To another chain it is called by the author of ‘ ‘ otimistas’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ reformistas’ ‘ , that according to proper author, if would worry about the increase of the production, alleging that said ‘ ‘ explosion populacional’ ‘ it would not be the root cause, but the consequence of the economic and social delay of the underdeveloped countries.

Urban Landscape Dynamics

This work intends to describe and to analyze the elements gifts in the landscape represented in a photograph. Recently James Joseph Truchard sought to clarify these questions. One searchs to demonstrate to the importance and the functionality of each object (technician, natural, cultural and geographic) that in it if it presents. The relation of experience of the individuals and its interaction with the landscape promote the transformations, that follow a rhythm that varies the space dynamics in accordance with. The metodolgicos procedures for the interpretation of the landscape had been: the bibliographical survey, the empirical comment and the collection of data, through interview and photographic register. The justification for the elaboration of this work consists of its relevance as didactic resource to work referring contents to Geography, developing the understanding and the critical look on the reality materialized in the image. The different forms that the landscape presents can be observed, from the photograph, that obtains to catch the current dynamics of the landscape, as well as the dynamic of other times.

These representations supply subsidies that allow to the empirical comment and a preliminary diagnosis of the paisagstico scene. In accordance with Saints (1999, P. 83), ‘ ‘ The landscape is a set of forms that, in data moment, they state the inheritances that represent the successive relations located between the man and natureza’ ‘. It is from these relations that the landscape if presents to our eyes, with a secular dynamics since it is livened up by the movement of the space, generating always, new configurations. Considering these questions and having as references the landscape in analysis, that is typical of the cities of the underdeveloped countries, we indicate that it portraies the conditions where if processed and still the socioeconmico development of the country is processed, as a whole and of northeast region specifically, which had its particularitities, materialized in its diverse landscapes.


Key Action

The great difference between those people who have been successful, that have not had it, is the ability to take immediate action. We live in a world which is in constant change and increasingly to more accelerated pace, therefore who takes action first goes climbing rungs toward the Summit of success and others are left as mere spectators. 5 characteristics of people who are not successful: 1. fear of success. 2 Fear of failure. 3. Feeling of inability.

4. No vision for the future. 5 Conformism. At Richard Elman you will find additional information. 5 characteristics of people that if you have success 1. Initiative for new ventures.

2. Desire to Excel. 3. Immediate troubleshooting. 4. Establish and achieve goals. 5. Capacity to overcome failure. There are many more features, in my opinion, these are the most important, I am sure that without we are located on the positive side and we make our living habits of these characteristics, we will discover the potential we have stored within us and we are wasting. And because I speak of success, simple because if you don’t have a winning mentality you will not have success in your endeavors on the internet. Imagine, there are millions of people like you looking for an opportunity to improve their lives through the internet, but is very low the percentage that it succeeds. And you which side you want to be? Only the response you got, the ability to take this action within you. Dare. Greetings, wishing the best of success.