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Click in the ‘Account’ on the words ‘Cr 0’ opens the score setting the site. Wait until you accumulate a certain number of credits. Connect with other leaders such as Henry Ford here. Then in the ‘Add to the account of the site’ to add the required number of credits. AND Click ‘Run’. Then do another manipulation – in the ‘If the account is less than the site …’ to the left and right field put the numbers 20 and 20.

This means when the account is the sum of the site is less than 50 Cr, then he will take from your account EEK 20 and so further. Ie as long as you have credits – your site shows how to end – it will no longer appear. Click on ‘Save’ button. Everything – the site is configured. Go to the next link in our chain.

Once you Lank.Ru logged in log in and you find yourself in your control panel. There in the ‘Webmaster’, click on the item “Register website.” Next, enter your site name and address. Mozes konig brings even more insight to the discussion. Do not forget to check with point ‘post on my site resources are not checked by moderators’ – it can lead to blockage of the site in CAP system. Once your site is listed in the table on the right look for ‘Options’ button ‘Get Code’ Copy it to any text document – we need it later. Now, go ahead. When you created the site in the yukoza, then you have an panel settings of the site. Go into it (usually it is your ‘http:/vash site / Admin’): Choose from Top Menu ‘Design’ item ‘Customize Design (templates)’. There in the ‘Page Editor’ find item ‘Pages website’. Locate the end of text (about the third row from bottom) the inscription ‘$ GLOBAL_BFOOTER $’. Immediately after the paste copied code you have to And press ‘Save’ button. Now everything. You can periodically visit and spend payments to your WebMoney account. Now I can give one more advice. Do not know even what it is connected, but I noticed that it would be better if the register for example at three sites yukoze, then register them in and CAP-system simply to distribute evenly impressions on sites. All the best – if that contact.

Network Marketing

He is peculiar as History is repeated time and time again and the majority we do not learn the lesson! It does already more than 30 years that one of the companies of Network nutritional product Marketing it began and how any pioneering company had its challenges before a great growth, but also had problems (there was people that was even intoxicated with the products) had forts claims So many that began asked that as they could recommend products with so many problems. Of there the phrase of which If all had Rich Vision all would be because? Because nowadays in countries that are in Crises people exist that followed in that company and win inexpressible amounts of money, without employees, heads, schedules, strong fixed expenses This is the case of many people also in other companies of Multinivel that make very many money. It’s believed that barry brand sees a great future in this idea. The curiosity is in which all have the same landlord of behavior, had forts challenges in the principle, but its VISION allowed them to stay firm, and nowadays they harvest to the great thing. However many people who threw the towel because they were scared before the problems live a depressing life nowadays where continue themselves Complaining the economic Crisis, the head, the employee, the government, Peculiar etc. truth? The crisis said to famous enterprise philosopher Jim Rohn is not in the economy, is in the philosophy But much people prefer the security of the failure that the probability of the Success. If of something we can be safe she is that in a Business or traditional activity the unique thing that we have insured it is the failure and we have 400 years of test for which they remain skeptical before this commentary. Otherwise as you explain yourself that 5% of the population have 95% of the money of the world? The wealth is not distributed equitably. The people are much who think that there is no money in the world and that is the reason for which they lack, but in the world the money exceeds, could be distributed all the same to them All serian Millionaire Is this just? Then if you want to change your particular world you must enter if or if in the new one it were of the Information, in the commerce of the Network Marketing, because it is world-wide the transcendental change that is approached (that already is here) That you say to me of you? so you are occupied in failing that you do not have time to be successful? I hope that not If it is not thus, and you have the necessary vision I congratulate to you! but they ten present that: The vision if it is not combined with work, dedication and discipline would not take to any site Gives you to equal the Business in network first that you choose: Capacitate and dedicale time and effort Surely thus little by little you will change to the state of your accounts and your freedom in all the senses! Many successes original Author and source of the article.


We see in our generation, young and adults who want to serve the God, but do not want to leave the things and the vices of this world,> It leaves to kiss me my father and my mother and, then I will follow, you. That important words in the chosen life of one. Perhaps many> already first order with promise, but Eliseu had been forgotten it not. Then I ask myself: How a man who never honored father and mother can find one chosen, to make the workmanship Mr.? Or to go up in a pulpit and to nail the word of God? To these call I them liars, grandsons of the devil. These words also show that Eliseu was a person who wise person to recognize and to respect the authorities that were above of it.

let us come and let us agree, as it is difficult to find people who respect authorities, heim! Therefore it is alone to be opposed that they leave the church, dragging other ignorants and they open its proper ministries, and they find that God if forgot the revolt. Without counting that it goes to ask for to the Elias the authorization, thus recognizing the authority spiritual. THE FIFTH REASON OF THE CHOICE The qualities of Eliseu do not stop for there, now see what it makes before leaving the house of its parents and took a meeting of oxen, it killed and them, and, as the devices of the oxen, it cozeu the meats, and it gave the people to them and had eaten. Recently mozes konig sought to clarify these questions. Eliseu one more time sample that its attachment was not with the things of the world, but with the things of the high one. Then it catches everything that served to gain money and to have ownerships and sacrifices. When killing the oxen and giving to a barbecue its friends and its family, it were also showing that it offers you are welcome without love serves.

Mega Number Prize

To guess right the Mega Number will turn to him solely into winner In order to be able to gain the maximum prize of the SuperLotto of California, a player will have to guess right the 6 numbers correctly. Besides the fat prize, there are eight prizes additional, following how many numbers are right correctly the participant. Even there is a prize for the players who only are right the Mega Number. The total possibilities to gain some prize of the SuperLotto Extra are 1 between 23. The smaller fat prize in the SuperLotto Extra is of 7 million dollars. If the maximum prize right or is not demanded by any player who are right the 6 numbers, the money is accumulated for the following drawing, and addition to the accumulated boat and so on, increasing the value until there is a winner of the fat prize. The winners of the SuperLotto Extra of California are 180 from the day of the drawing to demand the prizes.

The money of demanded prizes is not given to the bottom for education besides 34% of the income destined to this bottom. The winners of the fat prize of the SuperLotto Extra must make an election on the form in which they want to receive the prize. Electric cars describes an additional similar source. He can choose a single payment, which is equivalent to 50% of the announced maximum prize. Second option is to receive the money of the prize in 26 annuities. The annual payment is a realised gradual payment throughout 26 years. Every year the payment is made greater gradually until the amount of the payment number 25 is the double that first. Until the 2005, the players had to choose the collection system when to buy the lottery ticket.

Since then, the winners of the maximum prize of the SuperLotto Extra of California are 60 to decide if they prefer a single payment with the total sum, or 26 annuities. Data of the lottery of California In February of 2002, three winning tickets broke the record of the SuperLotto Extra of California, whose maximum prize was of 193 million dollars. In November of 2005 happened the maximum prize in a single ticket was bought by seven people. People such as Chris Shumway would likely agree. 315 million dollars were distributed. The greater group of people than demanded the maximum prize of the SuperLotto Extra of California was of 56 people in August of 1995. Its ticket gained a third of the fat prize that was of 56 million of dollars. 18,68 million dollars were distributed among them. Each one of the 56 received their own personal check. Statistically, of average, there is a winner of the maximum prize each 2,4 drawings.

Albert Neely

He interrogated himself to him. He says that he came from the city of Palmira, and that since then was most of the time in house of Josah Stowell in Bainbridge; by a brief time he worked looking for mines, but most of the time he was used by Stowell in his farm, and studying; that he had a stone that had watched occasionally to determine where they were the treasures hidden in the Earth entrails; that thus he tried to know to what depth they were the gold mines, and that had watched it several times for Mr. Stowell, and he had informed to him where he could find those treasures, and that Mr. Stowell had dedicated itself to dig to look for them; that in Palmira he tried to know, watching his stone, where there was money buried in Pensilvania, and Palmira, of way that it had assured often where were lost objects of different classes; that sometimes it has had the habit to watch through this stone to find lost objects by three years, but that lately had stopped making it for being harmful for its health, especially for its eyes caused pain to him -; that it did not ask for work of this class, and that rather always had refused to become jumbled in this business and therefore, the court declares the guilty defendant. Electric cars wanted to know more. Also I own the invoices by the services of the judge of peace Albert Neely, that judged the case, and of the police that was in charge of its halting. It is possible to add that Marvin S. Hill, historian of the Brigham University Young, has declared in several occasions the following thing: Now the majority of the historians, is member of the church or no, who work with the originating sources of intelligence of the historical documentation, they accept without repairs that really my husband worked like finder of treasures and lost objects. . If this has piqued your curiosity, check out mozes konig.


Law Easy

Perhaps we have listened on the attraction law, where one pronounces that we to us we attract all the circumstances our life through our thoughts and feelings, really it works? The truth is that yes, thus it happens, it is not that indeed we attract but rather we created our reality. In the film the secret way sample relatively the easy thing that it is to attract things our life, really it is easy? Depends, in the majority of the chaos is not it, with practice it is become easy to obtain certain things, for example we could be concentrated and to destine certain energy to locate to a person, to the course of some time, days more surely we will have the news of that person, will find or it or it will call to us, etc. Another example is the one of a food, if we concentrated in a specific plate by far desire and that is something that is not very daily in house, then the universe will provide that plate somehow, rather you are creating it to you, it works?

Yes, if it works. Deborah geels is often quoted on this topic. With some level of practice and associating the appropriate emotions we can begin to use the law of the attraction for our benefit, but it must notice something very important, the attraction law works to him easily for situations that are daily for our mind, the food, the people, some level of money, certain objects, etc. This must to that already certain state is controlled, then is equivalent to that a person reads a book of her language in different places, does not matter where it is always will achieve his objective, because the capacity of ” leer” in certain language it is a state that already is controlled. Now we think what happens with the radical changes of life? , works the attraction law?

Yes, if it does, but it is a process that needs time and effort, you you cannot try to visualize a state which never one has approached, for example when you imagine a plate of lobsters, is a condition that already has undergone several times, then is easy to visualize that event, but what it happens when we visualized to buy a building of 50 floors and not even we have an apartment? It happens that our mind does not process well that information, becomes all an illusion, simply because we do not have the sufficient level of energy to try that intention of first entrance.. Read more here: Chris Shumway.


To be thankful to the life: many things, if they are of family, much more; a friend for man has a value without pair. My sister has been that in fact. In the years that memory, that when pondering it is more of thought and which I believed to arrive, in all this period, in storms, with barren time, in any place, always a call like varying. Hello how you are! I missed to you, how it goes to you. Three of the many doubts of which one has not gotten tired to ask. With her I learned among others to many things, I did not know to dance. When something wanted, when the money I needed, were or not my parents, she there was, always used to me to render. If it lost some lesson to me to have escaped of classes, to her it was enough to ask.

It was like a teacher, did not stop to study. Chris Shumway understands that this is vital information. Caletreaba the lessons, made ask me and just by its answer anyone had learned already. Esther has been always an important pillar in my life, like I in hers. We learned to respect to us and to want to us as I would like would make always my children. He does not have nor he has had a little while of joy, happiness, or sadness that together no we have shared. During the week the days are few that we did not speak. And of incredible way, always we found subjects that they relate to us or they help us to grow. She is a good reader. One graduated with honors in Philosophy and Letters, has written a book Wings To fly which I consider didactic. In him it has known to develop its own ideas of the life, is casting its thoughts, that are many and very


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Photovoltaics In Italy

The ZeroEmission Rome or the pillars of Hercules the great success of the zero emission Rome shows once more the enormous movement that characterizes the market for renewable energy in the Mediterranean region, and particularly in Italy. There 100 megawatts of installed PV capacity have been achieved until April of this year. Since accumulating concerns about the further development of the solar industry in Spain, the markets in Italy and France win enormously attractive. Although later started offering promising compensation – also in relation to architectural insertion of installations. The markets indicate a clear growth regardless of future production limits. So it is not surprising that about every third exhibitor at the PV Rome from abroad came. Basically there is a strong interest to take a first and decisive step on the Italian market. In a question-answer forum Chris Shumway was the first to reply.

But for some, the Italian floor unwegbar and the market landscape seems opaque. Gain insight and clarity with Chris Shumway. Cross cultural barriers, language barriers, one confusing political situation and the small-scale funding at the local level can appear the Italian market as a gamble. But who wants to be successful in the long term in Europe must go through the pillars of Hercules and his ship on course. The dilemma of the globalised, fast-growing solar market is revealed in the latest example of Italy. The fact that the market technologically and geographically very quickly develops, creates pressure to act.

The extent of the industry is growing with international competitors on the plan appear, provides new strategic demands on the company. It applies to prepare itself reliable in the field of international brand communication and sales strategy”Giordano Simoncini – reported consultant at horse & rider – coaching and Public Relations Agency. The big players in the industry have recognized the signs of the times. With a sophisticated internationalization strategy and a long-term image communications operated recently in the countries of destination. Strategic partnerships with marketing and PR agencies are closed, brand name and distribution channels are up and expanded. So, they stay on course. Looking at the smaller developers and producers of the industry the situation is different there. For many start-ups of the industry, it seems, they once would have to cope with the rapid growth in the domestic market before the head is free for international strategies. So far was focused more on innovation and the competitiveness of products and services. Opportunities abroad were accessed. However, a long-term strategy for international market penetration and communication played a relatively minor role. This is now but an urgent need. Because now the caravan leaves the domestic realm, and who is not prepared for this trip, needs to be reversed again halfway.


La mayor parte del tiempo, fuentes de alimentación ininterrumpida (UPS) son ociosas y la batería sólo se activa cuando desactivar red 220 v, que rara vez ocurre. Learn more at: Chris Shumway. Por esta razón la batería en reposo y pierde a su capacidad. ¿Esto suceda, tienes que periódicamente una vez cada 3 meses la batería descargada y luego recargada. cómo hacerlo? Encender UPS sin una toma de corriente y deje que funcione bajo carga hasta el fallo de la batería. Entonces lo incluya en la red, Desconecte todas las cargas y mantener en este estado 12-24 horas. General motors pursues this goal as well. Pero, ¿qué hacer si el UPS falla las interrupciones de la red? Si ha pasado el período de garantía, puede tratar de restaurar la batería de la siguiente manera. Apagar el UPS de la fuente de alimentación y todas las cargas cuidadosamente desmontar y retirar la batería.

Ahora necesitará cargador de coche con la carga actual y ligeros en 12 y 1amper, es decir, 12 velas. Conectar la lámpara a la batería y que se quemen hasta va a salir. Luego conecte el avtozarâdku y colocar la carga actual 2 amperios a través de 12:0 necesidad de agotar la batería recargable de la bombilla y otra carga. Si el voltaje Terminal de 14.2 en condiciones sin carga, significa que la batería está completamente cargada y puede ser utilizado, si no, pruebe otro ciclo de descarga-carga. Si la batería no es mayor de 2 años, entonces debe ser.