Adjustment Plans

Who tread you the heels of history are at risk to this kick to the face. 20 Years ago, the crisis of the monetary system became a Europe unable to coordinate their economic policies in a domino: Italy was the first tab to fall and getting dragged to several countries, with markets convinced that it could throw a pulse to Governments. They won. That pulse has returned; otherwise, but has returned. The fiscal fire broke out this time in Greece and the smoke currency is already in Italy and Spain: the large euro countries at risk; the euro itself is threatened.

The tension touched yesterday highs. Before that Wolf, the EU leaders confirmed that they meet on Thursday in Brussels, for the 15th time in 18 months, to try to find the solution. But the market already do not trust in Europe nor in their examinations to the Bank or in their ineffective summits and yesterday led to the limit pressure on Rome and Madrid, with risk premia touching already the point of no return in the last year and a half has obliged to Athens, Dublin and Lisbon to become the first domino tabs. Source of the news:: tests to banking and the adjustment plans do not curb markets.