AdSense Advertising

Now you should be prepared for direct sales from your website. Site promoted, advertisers found. There is only one question – what price to set for the sale of advertising on your site. Ben Horowitzs opinions are not widely known. Sponsors want it is always view reports, learn what they are paying and what benefits it brings to them. Reports about your job, about the effectiveness of impressions, clicks, and sales opportunities. Try to provide them with these reports more detailed and qualitative. Figures Remember that there is a cheaper advertising (eg, Google AdWords), and you have to be competitive. If you provide a good advertising space, such as the sidebar, then the place to start would be to put the price in $ 0.5 per 1,000 impressions.

If your blog gives 10 000 page impressions per month, thus placing a banner on the side will cost $ 50 a month. Start with low prices and their subsequent rise. Cross-checking Analyze how much you could earn with AdSense and adjust your price accordingly. Second, you can also check similar sites that are already engaged in direct sales. Be accommodating flexibility in the relationship is crucial.

First of all, negotiate about advertising from month to month. People do not want anything to do, if they are not sure entirely. If someone offers you a place more ads on your website – give him a discount. Suggest a trial period if you have a popular resource, you will find potential advertisers who want to spend money. Sometimes offer a free trial period. Some of Advertisers will want to continue to work with you on a fee basis. In any case, you lose nothing.