To date, the advertising business is one of the most profitable trade after antiques and real estate transactions. This is caused not only by the fact that the overall level preprinimalstva up and every self-respecting businessman understand that advertising, the motor trade, the reason in the fact that advertising unites a little if not all spheres of life of the consumer and the buyer. A huge number of spetsiolistov in economics, marketing, art can realize themselves in the advertising business and thus make good money. Advertising business – a huge corporation, a win-win lottery! Why bezproigryshnaya? Because? In addition, you can earn, you get kalasalny experience and a lot of business contacts! It should be noted that the ad business is one of the oldest: Starting from the definition that "reklama is informing anyone of anything," it is safe to say that the advertising took place in primitive society. Despite limited advertising in the media, people are still required to inform each other. Expanding on the minutiae of life of primitive people, we can see that Advertising, begins not with the development of trade or production, but much earlier.

Just for a primitive stage, it involved mostly unconsciously, but produce the same actions that do professional advertising in later. History of advertising that counts already millennium, closely related to the development of human society and its economic life. Among the advertising appeals that have come down thanks to the archaeologists, to us – Egyptian papyrus, which reported the sale of a slave.