Alfred Adler

Later Alfred Adler complemented this initiative and influenced in our way of to understand the motivation in the work, being pointed out that the human being has strong the desire to have to be able on the others and ‘ ‘ to speech in being able, it mentioned the authority that the individual desires to have to demand that the others precede the interests of it in accordance with. ‘ ‘ (GELLERMAN, p 102). Already Robert W. White, observed that the people also want to understand and to dominate the environment, being this desire of called domain ‘ ‘ motivation of competncia’ ‘ , and ‘ ‘ the desire to prove capacity must have an important paper in the attainment of success in the work ‘ ‘ especially in the cases where the organizacionais changes more demand each time the pro-activity and capacity to innovate. (GELLERMAN, 1976) the change moved. Today the speed, the rhythm, and the purpose of the change is others and must concentrate us to move constantly. A general way, the human being likes to be capable, making the things to happen, to determine what it must occur, instead of if keeping passively to its wait. For BERGAMINI, the motivation it leaves of being one scientific concept to help to understand the man in its individual constitution and if transforms into a tool practical to influence the behavior of the individual inside and outside of the organizations. With the industrial revolution, investments each time more weighed had been made with the objective of increase of the efficiency of the industrial processes that had started to more demand greaters and rewarded returns, where in punishment place adopted it belief of that the money would be the main source of incentive to the motivation.