April Economy

Clothing, patchwork and mending of clothes and footwear, and activities as the childcare and health prevention. Promote the benefits of the domestic economy, involves systematic actions, asistematicas, and parasistematicas, the educational system and the media. It is extremely auspicious to know that in the Argentine environment, there are public and private initiatives in the sense that we encourage here. What is at issue is give them more coverage. The first impression is that medium-sized and small towns and rural areas are more prone to the spread of the domestic economy.

This does not preclude that been possible modalities in metropolitan areas, where the volumes of shortcomings are overwhelming. These features suggest that it is more easy, domestic economy, weather critical times through, out of the large metropolis that within them. . This should be very instructive depending on possible internal migrations. The myth of well-paid employment in factory of the big city, it was finished.

After that chimera who knew how to have a lot of true, many left harsh rural workplaces and somewhat monotonous life of small towns. Today the Argentine interior boasts technological developments unthinkable once, and the population in general, this by far much more capable than previous generations who with their effort supported this current cultural elevation. Therefore with the available technological knowledge and skilled people, we are persuaded that the domestic economy, it can alleviate the present and future needs of many Argentine families. Not looking for these lines disqualify other roads, after the same goal, but make explicit one, that most have studied and that which is in our opinion, puts much of the solution of the problem of the livelihood of each into their own hands (Loberia, 13 and 14 March 1993). , . * PUBLISHED in the reform of GENERAL PICO on 14 April 1993 domestic economy, SOCIAL prevention, appropriate technology and self-employment by the lawyer