The more positive it will be the perception of the consumer biggest will be the possibilities of its company to construct a reputation of high level. Already diverse studies had been carried through that demonstrate to the existence of one strong correlation statistics enter the level of reputation and the intention of purchase of the consumers. The perceived quality is an asset essential a company to grow, therefore it intervenes directly with the financial performance of a business. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ben Horowitz is the place to go. Not only it provides resources, but also it can strengthen the belief where ' ' you receive that for which paga' ' , that it is especially important in the case of merchandises and services for which the information objective are not readily available. The perceived quality is intangible, a general feeling on a mark. However, usually it will be based on underlying dimensions that include characteristics of the product, which the mark is connected, as trustworthiness and performance (AAKER, 1998), where these associations also represent competitive factors for participation of the market, as shown to follow. 4.4.3 Associations of the mark the underlying value of the name of one marks frequent is based on on specific associations it.

The one association ' ' context – of – uso' ' for example, aspirina and prevention of attack of the heart? it can provide a purchase reason to attract consumers (AAKER, 1998). A style of life or associations of personality can change the experience of use: the associations of the Jaguar can make of the experience to possess and to direct this car one ' ' diferena' ' very special. The consolidation of one marks represents a powerful asset in an organization, where the leverage of its positioning and perception before the market become valuably competitive. Therefore, Kotler and Keller (2006) finish affirming that for the companies, the marks incrivelmente represent a property valuable that it can still influence the behavior of the consumer, bought and vendida being and, to offer the future and steady prescription security. Seen the importance of a qualified management for the maintenance of a mark, the next chapter shows the context of the segment of fashion, that currently is directly on to the power of a mark, as well as its importance for the economy of the country, exploring concepts and analyzing the social picture that the subject if inserts.