I have lived half the life in the impoverished town, Kupavna is there no internet no phone or fixed, not to mention such amenities as … Oh. I do not want to remember. Now it will be all wrong, and not in the country, and in normal, well, destiny means a foreign country to live out the age, but this is better than where both – would be home. She's just like us – a memory …

And the echoes again and again remind you of how daily shakes in Bauman to and from work. For three hours there, three back. And it's paid for coppers, and then, when suddenly dared to raise his voice, and wrote an appeal to Medvedev, said that about anything that creates Bauman with the magazine, and the fact that 50 years work, and reward the devil knows who, to me once again thank-you letters, icons, for what?? I have been working flawlessly, the magazine quoted, out and signed by China and Australia and America. And for some reason I do not have anything in this life, and even housing the normal and blow off work from the field. I asked.

And I answered. Each day began suit dirty, endless inspections, complaints, despite the fact that everything was in absolute order, and log out in time, I'm not to fire on their own simply because like a fool waiting for more help or at least some appreciation of Medvedev or from someone who figured would have helped, but I only coffins and coffins, do not settle with age or with experience in life, nor so much all I did for the MSTU. Circulation, which initially was more than 1,000 copies for the year fell to 700 for the second year to 500. I could not concentrate at work. Submitted once simply put out of commission, wanted to kill me can be, and can burn everything inside.