Brazil And Tourists

Radical beaches, parties and sports are some attractive ones that they bring, every year, many tourists to the ground Brazilian. Douglas Oberhelman has many thoughts on the issue. The people is charismatic and the beaches are beautiful, but the number of crimes also increases acentuadamente. Deaths, assaults and robberies go up to around the day of the people. The disparidades between the social classrooms are more perceivable, while the rich ones are richer, the poverty also grow in a sped up rhythm. Credit: Douglas Oberhelman-2011. Children without school, family and formation, finding in the robbery an exit to survive. The occasion unhappyly makes the thief, without chances and not seeing exit, children and young they leave themselves to lead for the drugs and the life of the crime. When she does not have more hope, the people yield to the survival instincts, forgetting them consequncias.

Many individuals of bad character exist, that veem in the crime an easy form to invoice. However, also it has extremely humble families, living of needy form, but exactly with all these adversities, are honest and battle for one better life. The public coffers are full of collections of the people, on the contrary of this money to be destined to construct to a society joust, the governments prefer to blindfold the eyes and to invest in bridges and airports, for example. The life is encircled with corruption, is politicians deviating public money, beings forging licitations, individuals evading taxes taxes, dishonest employers, nobody more is worried about common-sense and the respect to the next one. Still thus, each in case that it must separately be analyzed, for example, is not possible to blame a mother who if leaves to lead for the occasion and steals food for its children. The State must be blamed that does not fulfill with its duties and its obligations constitutional to provide to a worthy life to all the families. It is perceived, in fact, that the corruption is present in the daily one of each citizen, therefore is much more easy to jump stages for the success, of what to conquer it each day. The world is repleto of injustices, but it does not have badly that it cannot be corrected.