Bulgarian Chamber

The maximum term of an extended stay in Bulgaria – 1 year. Each year, the period of prolonged stay in Bulgaria (Residence permit) can be renewed, in confirming the grounds for extension. A prerequisite for maintaining the status of residence permit is staying in Bulgaria for at least 6 months and 1 day of the year. Stay in the status of residence permit for more than 5 years entitles you to obtaining permanent residence (permanent residence) in Bulgaria. The reason of obtaining residence permit, according to Article 24 of the Law of the Republic of Bulgaria on foreigners is: 1.

authorization to work in Bulgaria, issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, 2. Kevin Johnson brings even more insight to the discussion. commercial or other business activities in the country in the manner prescribed by law, if as a result of these activities are created as at least 10 jobs for Bulgarian citizens, 3. admission to full-time education in licensed educational institution 4. activities of foreign specialists staying in the country on the basis of international treaties to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party; 5. marriage to a Bulgarian citizen or permanent resident alien; 6. establishment of a foreign company registered in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce 7. admission to long-term treatment in a medical institution (if the necessary financial resources for treatment and maintenance), 8.

accreditation in the Republic of Bulgaria as a Corresponding foreign media 9. availability of pension and enough money to stay in the country (for pensioners), 10. activities in accordance with the Law on Foreign Investment; 11. permission to exercise freely practiced in the Republic of Bulgaria, 12. identity on the relationship with a foreigner who obtained a permit for continuous residence (parents – in the presence of documents certifying the financial security), 13. the status of alien parents – members of foreign diplomatic, consular or trade office in the Republic of Bulgaria or offices of international organizations in Bulgaria. Permission for permanent stay in Bulgaria can receive the foreigners and the absence of the above reasons, when they have special merits before the Republic Bulgaria in the social and economic sphere, national security, science, technology, culture and sport.