Buttons Work

And carefully read the customer comments about that needs to be done. 8. Start with the easiest. So, selecting a task, you must click ‘get to work’ – then click ‘Run’ – then, in a new tab opens in which your work will be assigned a serial nomen work, click on the link ‘URL for the job. ” 9.

In the new tab that opens click on ‘link to go’, which will transfer you to a site on which the steps are required to leave their message. 10. Usually this is a forum, blog or website. To no one could do something to pre-register. It’s easy. Click the link ‘REGSTRATSIYA’ and there, you enter your user name, e-mail address (some forums sent to this address link to activate registration) and password to login to this forum. 11.

If register online go to him again on the link of the job and leave in a particular subject the post. For this selecting the topic at the bottom of the page Buttons ‘answer’ – in the form that appears, you enter your comment. 12. In the course of writing the post monitor its length, keeping the bare minimum (for this copying is not sent the text, right-click drag it into the form on the page where he was given the number of your work – the meter automatically indicate the size of your post. .) 13. By clicking ‘submit’ you enter the post to the forum. After of viewing the post on the forum page, and copy with him (again, right-click) the address of your post (from the address bar of your browser) in the remaining open form with a number of the rectangle in the ‘URL of executions work ‘. Also, copy the text in the post box ‘text of the work,’ and copy the post in the topic title ‘title’ 14. After filling in all boxes press the ‘Finish’ 15. All your work is done, to wait check its customers and charging money for this work to the internal account in the system. At 10 ye set you can transfer money to your WMZ-purse. 16. Sometimes, if you are not exactly fulfilled the conditions of the job, the customer asks finish – you can see it going in your aakaunt and clicking on the link ‘RESERVED WORKS’ – in this section nohodyatsya not paid work. I have tried to describe the work as detailed as possible with this program, I hope that all clear and no problems should arise. If anything – write and ask.