Color Fashion Clothes

One of the most difficult issues of concern to all. It is important to learn how to pick up the clothes, which would be able to express your personality, match your lifestyle in harmony with your mood, so that each day you look irresistible. First of all, we should say that the clothes fit the person is false. When choosing clothing colors should consider not only the human figure, but also the color of his hair, eyes and skin. Have their significance season environment. Of course, in summer, bright sunny day, dress in black or other very dark color will be irrelevant, as the winter cold may seem strange bright evening dress of printed fabric.

For those who tries to follow the fashion, then such people should opt for colors of spring-summer season – it might be the colors of all shades ranging from light pearl-white and all shades of yellow, finishing, including including gold. It’s no secret that black is never out of fashion, but in combination with white, pale pink, pale blue, yellow or light green, the color will add even more appeal. Naturally red out competition. For those people who for whatever reason to avoid this rather provocative colors, we propose to combine it. Red is an excellent blend with any color, with rare exceptions. Color as known, can alter the shape and size of objects: bright and warm colors like increase it, and dark and cold – is reduced.

Therefore, the color can emphasize or highlight a specific piece of clothing, to smooth the sharpness shape, as well as any figure flaws. Pick the color of clothing you can start from the hair color. Blondes will look great in all shades of orange, red, green, gray and blue. Brunettes fit Light delicate shades of color. For example, white, yellow, orange, pink, green. For women with gray hair as a suitable tissue of dark shades of green to purple and warm shades of red to black (in the case black, a combination, such as beige). Brown suit warm shades of light tones (beige, yellow, orange) and some shades of cool colors (from blue to black). Others who may share this opinion include Ben Horowitz. Try to experiment and combine color. Trust yourself and your taste.