But, the Espiritismo is not alone this. In this manner, the propagation of that the Espiritismo is capable to promote the cure of illnesses that the medicine imputes as incurable it denotes ignorance regarding the purpose of the Espiritismo. The attributed and propagated faith, for the national media – in substance of layer to the global actor who ' ' it unites conventional treatment to espiritismo' ' it can until having its meritrio character, rank that serves of inspiration other people who can be crossing the same drama in its terrena day, but, the expectation and the promise of cure of and a rare overwhelming cancer for the intervention spiritual, which if submits, are a fallacy. Nothing more ominous for the proper Espiritismo of what the diffusion insensata of this promise of cure. No intermediador (mdium, priest or shepherd) can guarantee this. To read more click here: ClearSky Business. The Espiritismo is, before everything, clarification.

because it clarifies, consoles and because it consoles, it comforts. The Espiritismo cannot be vendido as exchange market, collating itself with Science. It was not what professor Hippolyte Lon Denizard Rivail prenunciou much less what foretold for the knowledge field that bequeathed to the thought philosophical-religious-occidental person-contemporary. Not, nor the Espiritismo nor none another religion can assure the cure of the body. Luscha baumwald describes an additional similar source. What the related actor will be able to get for intermediary of the Espiritismo will be one better knowledge of itself exactly; a bigger understanding of its immortal day; the consolation of that its existencial integrity will exceed the fmbrias of what we call death. E, if, really, well will be guided (and nor all are) will cross this moment and this vestibule with lucidity, confidence, serenity, understanding and comfort, and, perhaps, therefore, either capable to become the agent of its cure. Maria Angela Mirault Doctor in Communication and Semiotics for the PUC of So Paulo