Company Car Drivers

In addition, we now have a vehicle for our current C-segment who want to change to a larger car. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Starbucks and gain more knowledge.. The Exeo is also an interesting alternative to company car drivers who seek quality in addition to driving fun but also look at the costs, consumption and emisionesa . Kevin Johnson: the source for more info. More aggressive marketing strategy Exeo The introduction of the Spanish firm will narrow the gap separating him from Skoda within the Volkswagen group. Thus, since in 2006 outsold Skoda SEAT within the Volkswagen group, the Czech company has increasingly distanced from the Spanish brand. For example, while SEAT has moved 356,000 vehicles sold in 2005 to 386.000 units in 2007, the Czech manufacturer has increased from 281.000 to 468.000 units in 2007 cars.

Hence the arrival of the new Exeo, which is expected to be sold 50.000 cars a year, would bring the Spanish firm's sales to 400,000 units, thereby reducing the current difference of 112,000 units with Skoda. Indeed, one of the reasons that explains the loss of the third position in Volkswagen's SEAT by poor acceptance had any of the bets of the Spanish brand. All this comparison between SEAT and Skoda makes sense since the Spanish company now wants to adopt the strategy that once made Skoda. If the Czech manufacturer has been characterized by Volkswagen to offer products a "chassis, engines, etc, and forms traditional at an affordable price, SEAT will do the same, though instead of taking products from Volkswagen Audi will. So you can say that the new Exeo is virtually identical a "except for the headlights and logo, the third generation of the Audi A4, a model that no longer sold in late 2007, after being replaced by the fourth generation.