Conflict Argentina And England Falkland Islands

Never in the field of human conflict, have so many owed so much to so few. Winston Churchill again reactivates the conflict in England against Argentina over the Falkland Islands. Las Islas Malvinas or Falkland islands called the British, is occupied by Britain since 1833.Conflict than in the past resulted in an armed conflict and where Argentine soldiers lost their lives. Argentina and Britain went to war in this region in 1982 In 1982, Argentine troops invaded the Falklands to try to solve the problems of a dying regime. The adventure was fatal to the military dictatorship led by Lieutenant General Rafael Videla, who had ousted President Isabel Peron (1976-1983).

As for the “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher, sunk in the polls, retook the islands and made a third term at the end of 74 days a war that left 649 Argentinians and 255 British dead. It is said that according to the British Geological Society, reserves in the Falklands could reach 60,000 million barrels, or the equivalent of North Sea fields which contributed to 25 years of prosperity in the United Kingdom. a But this time, Argentina was not in alone, Foreign Minister of Argentina announced that the country in the conflict with Britain over the Falkland Islands, enjoys the support of the countries of the region. Argentina is against England’s plans for oil drilling in the Falkland Islands. The Foreign Minister of Argentina requested the British government to start negotiations as soon as possible to determine the sovereignty over these islands.