Coreia Politics

Countries promise aids in the bubbling of the events, but, then after, social tragedies finish forgetting them and the indifference social politician comes back to tona. Unhappyly, it does not have much conscience politics. The life seems not to have very sensible. After all this wave of world-wide catastrophes, the North Americans and the Russians wake up armament politics, in the attempt of presentear the world with gorgeous ' ' horse of tria' ' to the command of the new general ' ' Napoleo Bonaparte' '. Equally, and this we could not leave to elucidate, oppressing countries as the Coreia of the north and ' ' Repblica' ' Islamic of the Anger they invest in nuclear ogives, not differing from the Israelis and Chinese, who keep its activated nuclear forces for possible wars. It is important to notice that to the step that science tries to discover ' ' porqu' ' of our existence: ' ' of where we came and for where vamos' ' , children die unfed, women are forcene and slaughters are committed on behalf of ' ' religio' ' of the politics imbecile.

E is not alone. While pharmaceutical industries sponsor, in billions, projects of directed research the discoveries of ' ' plulas' ' come back the increase of the sexual pleasure, populations are decimated by the incautiousness with the basic health and the unpreparedness with the hygiene. While the man turns its desire to win the speed of the sound and to sail in the space being mapeando the planets and trying to find water, our seas, oceans and rivers are ranks the pollution. thus, is difficult to know ' ' porqu' ' of if living in a society. I also do not know so that the concepts are valid of solidarity, respect and love, if will not be used of concrete form, being in only utopia I perceive that it does not have more reason, love or future.