Defects Mindset Business Owners

Dmitry Alexander Shohov Trahtengerts Defects thinking business owners and top managers of problems faced by business owners and top managers in times of crisis, largely associated with defects in their thinking. But because of these defects, most of them are not understood, the dialogue between advisers and decision makers in business, often resembles a dialogue between the two aliens who have received training on different planets with fundamentally different cultures. In the methodology, since its inception in the club movement of the Moscow Methodological Circle (CMI), based Shchedrovitskii initially admitted the obvious idea that any collective action to be effective, before becoming a fact of social life, must be designed and formed into collective consciousness and is described in the collective communication. This idea is deeply alien and incomprehensible to the vast majority of business owners and top managers. Consider some of the most remarkable and amusing stories that play out in real conversations. 1 Customer, leaning back in his chair, says: – I read your article "The game in crisis," but there are very few specifics.

I want to understand how to build my business during the crisis. "Most likely, the person did not read the last part of the article" – I think I'm talking about: – In the last part article described some common logic that can make a separate company to win in a crisis. But let's see how the crisis affects your business. The interviewee is looking at me in bewilderment, as if I had fallen from the moon. – Like all. Reduced income – he said.

– What are you doing? – I asked, already knowing what I hear in response. – Reduce costs, to provide an acceptable level of profit. – But this does not lead to an increase in revenue – I say yes. The interviewee is looking at me with the utmost degree of astonishment.