Destiny Of Poetry

Destiny of poetry sonnet as a quiver full of arrows and what divine milk and rich cream, I want to do my sonnet a great poem of poems by the poets. Making the ideal of our goals a voice on our motto, fire that burns in love, light that does not burn as torch of all athletes. Olympiad for peace of the existence the secrets of being, living feat, smiling like a child who does not deceive. To target all disillusioned exalting in the Summit evidence, the Supreme Truth, our conscience! Amiga faithful sonnet patience anger gives you laughter without mocking anyone, not be spine accepting the evil that you imagine, if the rose blooms, not treading. Respectful silence as in mass Calla and guard the secrecy of its mine, bad judgment, and rabies, removes it, never ever tires or flee in a hurry. Accused not suspicious, it’s good friend, overcome evil with good if it disturbs you and forgiveness makes debt, it is not the enemy. With gold at its mine there is no beggar, Serena does not disturb or conturba, by straight and vertical, not walk the curve! Inspired by her nature voice sonnet inspiration Sun and rain that everyone belongs and in the fields of the world creates green, a poem is creation of beauty. Supreme truth of such prowess be poet, eyes flower deserves to wind the star that flourishes, Superior to fame and wealth.

A poem is the universe and the universe is a poem. Silence is all, throughout a verse. Fire and light in the soul, not burn us quiet inspiration, smooth silence with his tongue on the skin, the Supreme voice! Prudery without disappointment sonnet I feel matador in the Bullfight and is my hoax true crutch, perhaps am trickster after the barrier, Fiesta brava in the show of my life. I quote the bull and stand his onslaught and stuck it to my waist wherever, ligand each pass my way rounding in the arena his departure. Dante and Beatrice in the first row the Divine Comedy, accompanies me in case the bull blows me away. Prudery rapier don’t hesitate to learning how to die, glorious The triumph of live feat, never deceives!