Fixed Position Distance

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Laugeni and Martins (2006, p.137) write ‘ ‘ … The amount of to be used equipment depends on its productive capacities, the number of turns and the specifications techniques of each equipment … ‘ ‘. We can have other models of layout, that also will have conditions to carry through improvements in the productive process. Let us see another example below: Layout For Fixed Position Distance of 150 meters of in agreement equipment the model presented in the figure above, we can to observe that the equipment is in a fixed position, and the collaborators and the machines that if move until the equipment. A classic example of the use of this layout is of automotivos professional corporations, mainly the small companies who are terceirizadas, searching to offer to a support ace of great transport in the rendering of services. The production in the example above can be boarded in the following way, can be that the reduction of the metragem of the machines of 150 meters for 100 meters obtains to bring greater agility in the maintenance of the equipment that is being fixed.

Another situation that also can be boarded, is if all the equipment need to carry through the maintenance at the same time, many times mainly in automobiles, have the necessity to finish one definitive system for the beginning of another one. 4 IDENTIFICATION OF WORKMANSHIP HAND the technological question and use of machines in productive processes is total visible, mainly in the automotivo sector, where machines they are substituting the human material. However, micron and small companies possess great necessity of human material in the process of manufacture of its product. the sistmica boarding of the hand workmanship is indispensable when we need an agile production and quality. To evaluate each collaborator inside of the productive environment is a form to approach which is the best ones for each task.