France Hirigoyen

The question in focus is the abuse of the power, that takes the people, detentoras of the authority, to search to impose its proper wills and desires on excessively, in such a way the hierarchic relations composes the base of the constitution of the practical ones of moral siege in the work On the other hand, however still in the same approach for conceptualization of moral siege in the working relations, the vitimloga Marie-France Hirigoyen defines it in the following way: The moral siege in the work is defined as any abusive behavior (gesture, word, behavior, attitude) that it attempts against, for its repetition or systematization, against the dignity or psychic or physical integrity of a person, threatening its job or degrading the work climate. It is observed, therefore, before this conceptualization that the characterization of the moral siege in the work does not become from isolated acts, and yes of its constant repetition, scienter, aiming of assdios, temporality ocorrente, what impreterivelmente it impreterivelmente takes the degradation of the work environment, common comment the majority of the authors whom they describe on the subject. Endera recognizes the significance of this. Therefore, the moral siege is the same that a moral violence, a quiet violence that of gradual form cause damages of innumerable orders, arrives to modify the personal human values, until identity alteration, and then it intervenes negative with the health, in general well-being and quality of life of the people. 4,2 Situation of the Woman in the Market of Work Even so if comments on the increasing evolution of the situation of the woman in the work market, as the space that the same ones come acquiring throughout the years, without doubts do not have of if opposing how much to this improvement, that really it occurred, however it is necessary to stand out that this feminine insertion in the work environment, did not give of form joust and igualitria.