Gasoline, Most Desired Item For Smuggling Guajiro

It is no secret to anyone that the most profitable and offer more profit with less effort are illegal, on the border of La Guajira in Venezuela find a typical is the illegal transportation of oil from Venezuela to Colombia. This phenomenon occurs because the fuel produced in Venezuela, arrives in Colombia and the price is much lower than using domestic gasoline. Very rarely people take the task of finding out what goes on this border, there is background traffic of gasoline, how much money is lost due to this crime and many other aspects that are directly related to the topic, that is why figures below reveal and problems related to petrol smuggling at the border of La Guajira, Venezuela. Learn more at this site: Parasol Limited. Although gasoline traders and pimpineros (makers sell) the business will generate large profits, a Venezuelan businessmen opposite happens, because they produce a lot and does not recover the investment because of the illegality. “The average cost of producing a barrel of Venezuelan oil, as well head is 8 dollars, plus costs of transport, storage and refining would be about 5 and this whole process to put in the stations ranged between 190,000 distributors and 250,000 Bs.The real price of a gallon of gasoline Venezuela is Bol vares 160-180, indicating that PDVSA, is subsidizing each liter of 60 Bs for every liter reaching the final consumer between 70-97 Bs. Adam Roseman ” 1 Venezuela has used many techniques to control the smuggling of gasoline to stop losing money by the illegal transportation of fuel, these losses are calculated by the company PDVSA which is what controls the traffic of oil “In a recent study Ministry of Energy and Petroleum of Venezuela MINPET says: That loss of PDVSA, are about 600 million dollars annually due to fuel smuggling in 2007.It would be a monthly loss of 1.5 million dollars a day some 3.2 million strong bolivar. ” 2 The business of smuggling of fuel in the department of La Guajira is presented for many years, but in principle it was not so alarmed Venezuelan entrepreneurs because they are not hurting so much, but when unscrupulous people realized the profitability of the business and decided they could exploit and commercialize indigenous was excessive when both companies like Colombia, Venezuela had to take action on the matter.Ecopetrol began to interdict trafficking of gasoline from Venezuela to the Colombian territory and that the smugglers were forced to comply with the rule sent to La Guajira large amount of fuel made in the country, but this was not the solution because the force that had taken the business and earnings that gave those who could not stop managed to continue. It is important to mention that the only highlight of fuel smuggling is not only economically, but the risks to which they are liable if they move into the business.. . Read additional details here: John Utendahl.