Good Investment

Who not be ever wonder how much worth the jewels that our parents or our grandparents have left us?. I know more than one sack them from many economic troubles. Siemrpe is a gem, is a popular saying, and the same is said in a campaign publcitaria very famous diamond. Jewels in principle make sense as an element of fashion, as a decorative function and beauty. But it also has it as a long-term investment. The same gold should be recalled that in the 1950s it was trading at sixty thousand pesetas per kilo; It is currently listed six million pesetas. If someone makes calculations of what he earned by then with what you earn now you see that the ratio is much higher in the price of gold. And if we look at the price of diamond we will see that it has only had a way, increase your price.

Many customers who come to my establishment posed me the concept of investment as if it were to win money from the zero minute. They forget that we too have our needs, and that means money. Therefore it is obvious that our benefit must remove it from what he considers immediate investment. Jewelry or gemstones unassembled are investment in the medium and long term, never in the short term. But that happens just in bag.

Who plays in the short term has many possibilities to lose, but who has shares of solid companies since the 1970s have seen grow your investment in the same way that those who bought jewellery with precious stones for those years. Throughout the years of profession I’ve done multiple appraisals of heirlooms. I have seen families that inherited had a clear sense of value between what if they knew it had value and what not. In most cases sentimental concept it was parked by the material value, not having the same importance, much of sentimental that had silver bracelet that the gold bracelet that the mother left them. I’ve seen diamonds of 5, 10, 20 ktes and I have seen how they discussed between sisters-in-law envelope who would have liked to leave the mother-in-law. It is clear that when those things arise terms the material value is always present. My advice is that all these goods are clearly exposed in the Testament, thus is not another that abide by the will of the deceased. And it will prevent many problems; problems these parents had wanted to avoid having known that they could have been source of problems. In my opinion, and this is what you’ll insist, we must entener a jewel as something valuable in itself, something that is a work of art that will look with pleasure and with the passage of the years always acquire a much higher value that the price that was purchased. That said, and to make things clear, my advice is to always buy into a trusted place where not browned us pill. You can not buy a four or five times more expensive diamond of equal quality that a PITIMINI firm sell us that what we had acquired in a professional setting without huge expenses that have those other establishments that are directed more to an audience looking exclusively brand.