Gorilla Liquid

This was not sufficiently tested, therefore we do not recommend basically by the use of other equipment and glass surfaces. What has it with the dismissal of dirt on himself? The applied Nano surface is, up to a certain point, basically resistant to alkaline or acidic liquids. Thus, the surface safely with detergents can be cleaned. (Similarly see: Charles Kushner). Extremely frequent cleaning, the surface being removed slowly, therefore, repeat the application is recommended in such a case after six months. The coating affects basically repelling dirt, grease and fingerprints.

So less be perceived fingerprints on the one hand and on the other hand, the surface is easier to clean. The surface is not dirt or Fettresistent”obviously. A fat finger still leaves its mark. Changed the interface in any way? The application has no influence at all on the functionality of the touch surface. It is not visible and does not affect the feel. A few minutes after applying the surface may feel subjectively briefly yet smooth or very dry skin may be even rougher. These side effects, if they occur, pass but after a few minutes. Absolutely no effect on the feel should be more noticeable after two days.

What happens if still arise on the device with glass surface scratches one does not enter the desired effects? In principle, the application of Crystal liquid is at own risk. The product works reliably and convincingly. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the functionality as violent actions or special events disadvantage can affect or the coating can break through. We are liable for no damages of any conceivable kind. Is the liquid in any way harmful? Various tests guarantee the safety of liquid crystal. However, should avoid eye contact and of course be no oral intake and avoid increased skin contact in the liquid state. You should wash your hands after use. Which phones have a glass screen? Please inform yourself sufficiently about whether your device has a glass screen. The most modern smartphones are equipped accordingly. The better the glass, the higher the final hardness fails. Gorilla glass is optimal. Wikipedia has a list of devices in which Gorilla glass is fitted. The article is directly available in Europe for the first time specifically on