Internet Artist

For what and who needs funny cartoons? We all surely adore anecdotes, jokes and funny pictures. Others including Douglas R. Oberhelman, offer their opinions as well. No secret that the Internet is a large number of sites that post jokes, funny pictures, funny greeting cards for various holidays. Many artists, past and present drew good-natured caricatures of his friends and even customers. Also very popular at all times genre cartoons on various topics. Picasso leads new friends on his show: – Look, it's my self-portrait. And this – my wife.

– I hope you do not have children? So, let's try to answer this concern to us the question: who orders the funny pictures? Why is this a time when many fear the crisis, great comic artist, not only to earn their bread, but even finds an opportunity to smear his black caviar? Who are these wonderful customers who are ready for positive moments their lives, to share blood with the dollar a man who only knows that I create? cool mood? I will not invent anything. Here are some examples of my clients. OoooO () Ooooo (() _))/ (_/:))) Come on a visit to the artist. History of first. The firm that sells, what do you think? Not much is not enough, the helicopters! Can you imagine? Nevertheless, this is absolutely true. You can say that the more serious than the sale of helicopters? What's funny about this business? Frankly, it became clear that in this market to differ from the others and win the trust of customers (of course considerable confidence, because every day we are currently helicopter purchase) is posted on the site.