June Solutions

Tixeo is the first manufacturer of video and Web conferencing solutions to the already 3 weeks after release of the VP8 codec as open source the alternative H. 264 in WorkSpace3D integrated. Montpellier/France, Munich/Germany, June 16, 2010 Tixeo SARL, a French manufacturer of IP-based, software-only video communication solutions, today announced the availability of WorkSpace3D v3.3 with the new codec VP8 from Google. In February 2010, Google acquired the ON 2 technologies several years has invested in R & D for the VP8 codec. VP8 is the future technology for video compression and offers higher compression at far lower CPU usage and bandwidth than previous H. 264 applications.

“The use of VP8 in solutions of Tixeo shows clearly the advantage over H. 264.” HD video streams with WorkSpace3D need less than 1Mbps and enable HD multipoint video conferencing with a normal PC or notebook with a standard ADSL connection,”says Werner L. Kuhnert, Sales Manager D.A.CH. Renaud Ghia, CEO of Tixeo SARL, adds: “thanks to our flexible software architecture and our agile development methodology we were integrating VP8 able in a very short time to complete. So we offer a unique communications experience.” With WorkSpace 3D Konfernzlosungen, reduce business travel as well as communication costs and win at the same time valuable time. The encrypted transmission (SSL) offers users new flexibility in the Organization and a high level of comfort at the distributed collaboration in real time. The exchange of information is improved and increased the productivity of the company.

The software solutions are easy to make and require no special hardware. A standard PC under Windows, as well as an Internet connection (ADSL) are enough to make use of them. The software can be tested free of charge for 15 days. About Tixeo Tixeo SRL was founded in 2003 in Montpellier/France. The innovative 3D Web conferencing software allows the video, audio, up to 50 participants- and data communication via the IP network. The solutions are available as a service (SaS) on a monthly or annual basis, as well as in-house client-server solution. The software-only solution can be installed on any Windows PC or laptop with webcam and speakers. It is firewall-friendly, automatically adapts the security settings and works consistently with each proxy and delivers multipoint video in HD quality. Hundreds of clients including Airbus/EADS, Raytheon, Flagstar Bank, BNP Parisbas, Le Monde, Ohio University, etc., the Tixeo have solutions for interactive, Visual collaboration distributed places successfully implemented. Especially in areas such as design, product development, architecture or building management is the unique 3D feature and allows the collaborative editing or viewing of objects in 3D.