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The Government also announced that resort to massive imports of cars and even school supplies as a measure of protection against rising prices. Of course, this leads to take into account issues that affect productivity along, the business sector and the consumer. No doubt it will increase further the serious problem facing the country regarding the import dependence. It is therefore necessary, look for activities to promote national productivity can be achieved by giving way to programs, measures that lead to rescue the national productive sector Nevertheless, Obuchi believes that if the government “manages to inject enough foreign exchange market accelerates the inflow of dollars for imports and manages to significantly reduce the value of the parallel dollar (whose value is given by the listing of debt papers and other financial instruments denominated in foreign currency) in the medium term can be a positive effect on inflation. ” This would to be discussed and the reason for another paper. Of course, that can not be neglected in the analysis and well considered, how this affects the investment, as you would be affected, how to encourage them to become a reality, precisely as presented in its letter University Knowledge Wharton, income statements of foreign affiliates in the country have also been affected by the extent of Chavez as Venezuelan automatically all your business will be worth half as much as before, both revenue and profits, the change to euros, in the case of Spanish companies. Of these, Telefonica has been the most affected because it has outstanding millionaires back dividends on the profits of several years, some sources estimated at 1,400 million euros.