Lake Constance

Digital signage software meovis module for the integration of television signals in digital meovis singing age advanced to DVB-IP TV presentations. Langenargen 10.12.2013 bentob expands the digital signage software meovis to display TV signals. The TV signal can be represented via a DVB-IP server using a network stream or via an externally connected to the PC TV tuner on the screen. The advantage of the meovis DVB-IP (SAT > IP) solution is that screens can be supplied for example of a satellite with a TV signal via network without also running a satellite cable for each screen. The TV signal is rendered here in high quality via the network on the screen.

Another advantage of the meovis DVB-IP TV solution is that in a DVB-IP server different tuner, as for example for DVB-S or DVB-T can are used, making the overall system is easy and inexpensive. This allows the installation in places where for example already a network exists. More information to the Find DVB-IP solution: the company bentob it media GmbH is in the area of software development based on Lake Constance worked. Founded in 1997, owner-managed company realized digital signage solutions for companies throughout Europe. The digital signage software meovis is successful for many customers in use for years on the market, and allows very easy and quickly timed to represent media screens users via a Web-based administration interface.