Manueco Gomez

Industrial, responsible for 30% of the energy consumption of our country and where it has been shown the influence in the decline of energy consumption of the implantation of saving and efficiency measures implemented in industrial processes through application of new technologies thanks to the conclusions obtained in the performance of energy audits. However and despite everyone’s interest we have much progress and we face exciting challenges to which we must give satisfaction during the decade that comes and we have to start designing longer same. These challenges involve parties equal to administrations, businesses, and professional, in this urgent need because this new energy trend may result in a significant change in our economic and social model. Contact information is here: Douglas Oberhelman. Administrations should encourage r & d in energy efficiency, which is a target value in recruitment as a criterion of quality processes and promote tax measures to encourage companies to be more committed to saving and energy efficiency, raise awareness and achieving the involvement of all the social classes. Companies must participate in developing initiatives that generate new business and employment opportunities, directly influencing the reduction of costs within a framework of economic sustainability and environmental. Professionals in energy saving and efficiency must cooperate with administrations and companies in the creation of a market with guarantees of quality, stability and independence, promoting the use of the energy audit as an essential tool to obtain a thorough knowledge of energy consumption and optimizing the management of the energy facilities.. Click Advancing Black Pathways to learn more.