Methods Of Bending Pipes

Curved pipe will need to install heating appliances, plumbing, and laying pipes in the house, etc. If you can not buy already bent pieces of tubing, you can bend the pipe in the home. The only thing needed fear this subsidence into the pipe and break, as in bending metal feels at once both compression and tension. To avoid this, you can use several methods. Without hesitation Jonas Samuelson explained all about the problem. For example, the easiest.

It should be apply if the metal pipe is not too hard. In the pipe to insert the spring to the place next bend, then bend the pipe to the knee: the spring will keep the pipe wall. Then she pulled out a long wire. Another way is that a pipe filled with dry sand, clamped in a vise and heated in a place where it should bend. Do not heat the pipe near the grip, otherwise they may lose strength. Then, that sand is warmed, can be found on scale: it will fly off from the pipe.

Heating temperature is measured on the eye: for example, steel pipe should be bright red. Aluminum is heated to as long as paper and presentation to the place of heat or scorch starts. But remember: galvanized pipes can not be bent while hot, as it can disrupt the safety cover. Bending the pipe may be not only vice, but also in the pipe clamp. Also in the arsenal of artists, there are several devices, through which the flexible tubing. The simplest of these is the metal plate with holes. In their special way screwed small pins, which can be rearranged to get bend desired radius, and pipe the desired shape. But, using this device, you can not always be able to ensure that the pipe is bent exactly as it should. In addition, it is convenient to bend the pipe just great length. To bend a short pipe may not have enough power. There are a number of other, lesser-known devices for flexible pipes, such as a hydraulic pipe bender. But in any case, using a particular tool, remember that measuring the length of pipe needed already after her bent. This length will be true. If the pipe is measured before the flexible, the resulting length is known as harvesting.