Manesh Shrestha / El Everest collects tons of trash: from oxygen cylinders to cylinders of fuel passing through cans or crampons, and also all kinds of batteries, ropes or papers and cardboard. The expedition successfully removed eight tons of garbage. The first formed, exclusively, for this purpose. List: facts about Mount Everest. Eager to preserve in good condition the Queen of the mountains on the planet, a group of mountaineers carried out the first expedition of cleaning of Everest, which has served to remove eight tons of garbage. For even more opinions, read materials from Stuart Solomon. In the heat of the initiative save the Everest, mountaineers amounted to an altitude of 8,700 meters the highest mountain of the world 8.848 between April 22 and 28 may, and collected waste that mostly led to Kathmandu. When we went abroad asked us what was done with debris, so in 2008 we plan to launch an expedition, said Wongchu Sherpa, Coordinator of the tasks of collecting and President of the Association of Climbers of Everest.

The nepali Government approved a legislation which allows leaving that incinerable waste in the town of Namche Bazaar, close to the mountain in 1996. There is the Nepalese name for Mount Everest (SPCC) Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee, agency responsible for burning rubbish. The rest of wastes, especially metal, takes the Nepalese capital recycling plants. The cleaning operation, joined a total of 29 mountain climbers from the sherpa community, which is not the first time that collect trash from the mountain even though he had never conducted an expedition with just that goal. In 2010, the Eco Everest mission withdrew a ton of garbage of the nepali giant, which rose to 13.5 tons waste collected by the group, which in addition to to clean the mountain so far carried out his expeditions to make Summit. Immaculate appearance for a profane observer, Everest hides trash ranging from cylinders of oxygen to fuel bottles to cans or crampons, and also all kinds of batteries, ropes or papers and cardboard.