North Americans

So that the company can be intitled as sustainable or correctly be worried about the support, it is necessary that it if organizes and enxergue that if it not to make other competing companies in will make it to the branch and leave in the front in the question social and ambient concern. It is important that it enxergue this how much before not losing businesses and getting a promising future. Beyond the image benefits, sales, media and inspectors, the companies who act socially in responsible actions, bet in endomarketing to gain the admiration of its publish intern, employees and collaborators. Second research published for the Business will be Social Responsibility (BSR), … 68% of the young North Americans prefers to work in a on company to some social project … (CHIAVENATO, 1999, P.

446). 3 ECODESENVOLVIMENTO, a CONSTANT EVOLUTION the Ecodesenvolvimento are form of concern with the way future in general, therefore it aims at the harmony between the human development and the environment. ' ' The ecodesenvolvimento is a set of principles that the harmony between human development searchs and environment in way that same the future generations can usufruct benesses of the generation atual' ' (CMMAD, 1988, pg.9). That is, one understands that the human being if develops to the measure that the time passes and if it worries about the care that it will have in respecting its limits with the environment, making that with that its evolution does not intervene with the quality of life of the population and with its generations these changes live in accordance with the evolution of the species human being. these changes must occur gradual not to have a trauma in such a way in the evolution of the species how much in the environment. As the Sachs (2001) the changes cannot be rigorous and yes that she has a planning for the ecodesenvolvimento contemplating some dimensions of support as: social, economic, ecological, space and cultural.