North Coast

Now no one in the Crimea is not buying real estate, is a planned reduction in demand for timber-framed houses. Home fachwerk extremely reliable, they are proven themselves over many years history and in the Crimea are perfectly preserved. Recently, in the Crimea and Ukraine is booming in the construction of the so-called “green” housing technology with framing often these houses are built on clean areas of the mountain area. But in addition to durability and reliability, the fachwerk there is one indisputable advantage: they are highly aesthetic and attractive, it attracts additional customers. On Analysts suburban real estate market in Ukraine today is actively growing demand for modern eco-friendly wooden houses that are built in the foothills and green regions of the Crimea, it can also be conventional suburban real estate cottages, villas and cottages. JPMorgan has much experience in this field. Modern wooden half-timbered houses can be substantial grounds to call the triumph of aesthetic creation. During their production using modern materials – laminated structural timber, energy-efficient windows, insulation, etc.

Demand for housing in the cottage is also connected with the development of green tourism in the Crimea and Ukraine, which provides a quiet comfortable stay outside the city. Our photo gallery will evaluate the merits of houses framing their interior, read the materials and construction phase. suburban real estate of Crimea. You decide to buy a cottage in the Crimea, but know little about the main cottage settlements in the Crimea, their pros and cons, and infrastructure of settlements, the planning of cottages, a distance from the sea, the pitfalls of suburban real estate acquisition in Ukraine. You decide to build a housing estate in the Crimea and want to know about all the nuances of the real estate market of cottage Crimea, already existing or planned standing cottage village, the major competitors in the market, prospects and channels resale houses? So you need to read the latest market trends. In early 2008, prices for 1 sq. m. cottage communities in the Crimean peninsula, on average, starting from 1100 USD, reaching 3500 USD Higher prices have traditionally exhibited the southern coast towns from 1600 to 3500 USD per 1 sq.m.