Northwest Ascent

While the alternatives for tourism in Mendoza are diverse and abundant, the natural profile of the Cuyo region is what most attracts tourists. In recent months, John Utendahl has been very successful. Huge mountain ranges and turbulent and fast-flowing rivers of this province makes an irresistible choice. One of the most famous and popular attractions is Cerro Aconcagua, already transformed into a symbol of the region of whose. Mount Aconcagua, located at 69 59 West longitude and 32 39? South latitude, with its 6,962 meters above the sea level, is the highest peak in the southern hemisphere. It is also one of the seven summits, a circuit of mountain which carries within itself the challenge of reaching the top of the highest peaks of each continent.

This mountain is also called Akon-Kauak, which in quechua language means stone Sentinel. The expedition to Aconcagua has several routes for the ascent. The most usual is the Northwest, considered technically simple, since it does not involve rock climbing or use equipment of oxygen. However, no forget that it is a Summit of 6,000 meters, and the climatic instability that that factor carries. Another less used form of access is the glacier of the Polish route, which is regular difficulty, so it requires ice climbing skills. This path offers an excellent opportunity for training to prepare for more complex summits. Sure, the main challenge at the Aconcagua is the ascent of the south wall.

His view is surprising, but is also very dangerous and difficult, since it has 3,000 meters high. Being one of the world’s largest stone walls, his ascension was not completed until the year 1954. To succeed in the ascent of Aconcagua, is mandatory requirement have an excellent physical condition, a proper acclimatization ability and a well planned and efficient logistic service. On the other hand, is suitable to perform this type of expeditions during the summer in the region of Cuyo, i.e., between December and March. Expeditions to Aconcagua deployed the best scenarios for tourism in Mendoza. From the moment of arrival each of tourists nailed his eyes in the Majesty of the highest peak in South America, without being able to set them aside till the departure.