Official Histria

Introduction This article approaches the question of historical, deserving Verbal History as possvelfonte of unsupicious credibility nor of greater and nor demenor historical value of what the written sources. It is argued dahistria construction from written documentation and mnemonic orality, standing out-seo subject description from the memory as metodolgica form viable econfivel. The starting point is based on the advent of the movement of annales (1929-1969), that it breaches with the traditional historiografia and it launches elasticidadepara object boarding different in the historical research, under mltiplosaspectos and varied circumstances. Verbal History is considered as identitria source of umpovo, capable to portray the realities, the experiences and the ways of life of umacomunidade in each time and its more varied sociabilities. You may wish to learn more. If so, Richard Elman is the place to go. This type defonte not only allows the insertion of the individual, it rescues but it as subject in the producing processohistrico of made histories and of its time. The problem of the truth historical he is boarded to leave dMemria Collective as alternative source of reconstruction of the past, providing, in the gift, time and voice to the discriminated ones, oppressing, menosprezadose dimmed by the speech of the power. With effect, this type of speech forautilizado during much time for the traditional historiografia, that prioritized Official Histria or from above sight, selected documents on the basis of written of governmental cunhopoltico tendenciosamente as only source credorade trustworthiness.

The question of the hierarquizao of the historical sources analisada inside of a boarding dialectic, where if alert for the risk that oshistoriadores tend to run. In this direction, it is necessary to excuse atenopara not to commit the mistake, before practised for the historiografiatradicional. It is necessary precaution for if not only prioritizing the verbal sources, but looking for to redimensionar them with written sources, aiming at a investigaocada deepened time more, in order to arrive the reality or the realidadespretendidas ones at the end of investigativo process.