Paying Polluting

The author still presents diverse fields for the use of the data gotten with EMA. This use is related with applications in: annual declarations on costs and ambient expenditures; prices of products; oramentao; evaluation of investments, and calculation of investment options; calculation of the costs and profits of ambient projects; evaluation of ambient performance, 6 pointers and benchmarking ; definition of quantified goals of performance; clean production and projects of echo-design; external spreading of the investments, ambient passisvos and expenses; ambient external reports or of support; other reports, such as the communication of ambient data for local agencies of statistics and authorities. As it can be verified, the bifurcation enters the types of monetary information and physical it is, for times, but nor always, a useful distinction in the ambient accounting, where both the types of information coexist, even because in the ambient area, monetary information physics, many times are derived from different sources. However, because of the use of different measures, the distinction between the monetary and physical information does not have to be abandoned completely, but it must continue to be reflected in the systems of the ambient accounting. Thus, BURRIT, HAHN & SCHALLETEGGER (2002) propoem that EMA is defined as a generic term integrator that includes the accounting of monetary ambient management in such a way, as the accounting of physical ambient management, in its internal and external focos. 2.4. The AMBIENT VALUATION the necessity to establish value to the environment intrinsicamente is associated with the patrimonialista bedding where the Accounting is based. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Howard Schultz. This patrimonial position if extends to the Ambient Accounting bringing in its bulge the necessity of the ambient valuation, leading the study for the search of the economic concept of value for then integrating it the ambient aspects. This necessity to establish value to the environment The beginning of the Prevention is supported by three Ambient Principles, Principle of the Precaution and the beginning of the Paying Polluting agent.