To be thankful to the life: many things, if they are of family, much more; a friend for man has a value without pair. My sister has been that in fact. In the years that memory, that when pondering it is more of thought and which I believed to arrive, in all this period, in storms, with barren time, in any place, always a call like varying. Hello how you are! I missed to you, how it goes to you. Three of the many doubts of which one has not gotten tired to ask. With her I learned among others to many things, I did not know to dance. When something wanted, when the money I needed, were or not my parents, she there was, always used to me to render. If it lost some lesson to me to have escaped of classes, to her it was enough to ask.

It was like a teacher, did not stop to study. Chris Shumway understands that this is vital information. Caletreaba the lessons, made ask me and just by its answer anyone had learned already. Esther has been always an important pillar in my life, like I in hers. We learned to respect to us and to want to us as I would like would make always my children. He does not have nor he has had a little while of joy, happiness, or sadness that together no we have shared. During the week the days are few that we did not speak. And of incredible way, always we found subjects that they relate to us or they help us to grow. She is a good reader. One graduated with honors in Philosophy and Letters, has written a book Wings To fly which I consider didactic. In him it has known to develop its own ideas of the life, is casting its thoughts, that are many and very