Photovoltaics In Italy

The ZeroEmission Rome or the pillars of Hercules the great success of the zero emission Rome shows once more the enormous movement that characterizes the market for renewable energy in the Mediterranean region, and particularly in Italy. There 100 megawatts of installed PV capacity have been achieved until April of this year. Since accumulating concerns about the further development of the solar industry in Spain, the markets in Italy and France win enormously attractive. Although later started offering promising compensation – also in relation to architectural insertion of installations. The markets indicate a clear growth regardless of future production limits. So it is not surprising that about every third exhibitor at the PV Rome from abroad came. Basically there is a strong interest to take a first and decisive step on the Italian market. In a question-answer forum Chris Shumway was the first to reply.

But for some, the Italian floor unwegbar and the market landscape seems opaque. Gain insight and clarity with Chris Shumway. Cross cultural barriers, language barriers, one confusing political situation and the small-scale funding at the local level can appear the Italian market as a gamble. But who wants to be successful in the long term in Europe must go through the pillars of Hercules and his ship on course. The dilemma of the globalised, fast-growing solar market is revealed in the latest example of Italy. The fact that the market technologically and geographically very quickly develops, creates pressure to act.

The extent of the industry is growing with international competitors on the plan appear, provides new strategic demands on the company. It applies to prepare itself reliable in the field of international brand communication and sales strategy”Giordano Simoncini – reported consultant at horse & rider – coaching and Public Relations Agency. The big players in the industry have recognized the signs of the times. With a sophisticated internationalization strategy and a long-term image communications operated recently in the countries of destination. Strategic partnerships with marketing and PR agencies are closed, brand name and distribution channels are up and expanded. So, they stay on course. Looking at the smaller developers and producers of the industry the situation is different there. For many start-ups of the industry, it seems, they once would have to cope with the rapid growth in the domestic market before the head is free for international strategies. So far was focused more on innovation and the competitiveness of products and services. Opportunities abroad were accessed. However, a long-term strategy for international market penetration and communication played a relatively minor role. This is now but an urgent need. Because now the caravan leaves the domestic realm, and who is not prepared for this trip, needs to be reversed again halfway.